Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release from captivity

Roy Zoberbier

Roy Zoberbier was born in New York, although the date and year of his birth are unknown. He enlisted in the Army on June 11, 1941, prior to which he had worked as an unmarried architect. He served as a Second Lieutenant in the 31st Infantry Regiment and was stationed in the Philippines. On Christmas Eve, 1941, the 31st Infantry began establishing the Main Line of Resistance near Abucay Hacienda. The line extended inland approximately two kilometers from Manila Bay to an area near the barrio of Matabang. Following the bombing of Manila, the 31st moved north to set up a delay line near Layac, and on New Year's Eve the 2nd and 3rd Battalions withdrew into the Bataan Peninsula.

The 3rd Battalion was attacked by the Japanese at Dinalupihan, resulting in two casualties. Lieutenant Zoberbier prepared M Company's machine guns to be used against the enemy planes as the 3rd Battalion moved toward the Culo River, earning him the Silver Star for his calm collectiveness during the assault.

Although he survived the Death March, Zoberbier died while a prisoner of war at Cabanatuan on October 23, 1942 and is buried at the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial in the Philippines in Plot A, Row 16, Grave 4.