Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release from captivity

Uzelle Derwood Walker 

Photo of Uzelle WalkerInformation supplied by his granddaughter Darcy Baker
Uzelle D, Walker  was born May 15, 1919 in El Paso. He passed away May 1, 1969 in Denver, Colorado. He attended El Paso Schools and Carrizozo High School in New Mexico.He was a Staff Sergeant in the 1st Batallion, 4th Marines, 27067.   

He was captured May 6, 1942 on Corregidor.  He had two bullet wounds at the time of his capture.  He hiked as POW from Manila to Cabanutuan with a broken leg and the two bullet holes.  He fell out of line and was bayoneted, but still made it to Cabanatuan.

He was a member of the Bataan Death March.He was placed on a ship bound for Japan, and was interred in Concentration Camp #3.  When Osaka was bombed out, they transferred him to Fushiki/"Nomtchey". He was rescued in September, 1945.  He was taken aboard the USS Rescue Hospital Ship AH18.  He had to have his leg amputated and it was found that he had nerve paralysis.

He was awarded the Bronze Star, three purple hearts, and received two awards from the government of the Philippine Republic.

When he came back home he married Betty Lucille Beck.  They had a son who was born October 10, 1950.
He suffered emotionally from what happened to him during the war, and the marriage ended  in 1952.  He left a beautiful gold music to his granddaughter who never got to meet her grandfather.

He was employed by Standard Oil, was a member of the Asbury Methodist Church, and Artesia Lodge 28 AF & AM and the Scottish Rile Temple of El Paso.