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The American Defenders of Bataan & Corridor, Inc. started in 1946 when former prisoners of war met to discuss their experiences. They began an official publication of the organization called the QUAN.  Joseph A. Vater served as editor of the QUAN, a major publication which informs, entertains, and assures the membership of the ADB& C are current on news relating to the organizations activities, veteran's services, and the ongoing legislation, that impacts the veterans lives.  George Wallace now serves as the editor of the publication.

T-U Obituary List (in progress)

Tabora, Begnigno d. 2008 In March 2009 
Tafoya, Sr., Herman O.d. May 27, 1998In July 1998
Tarnowski, Zemo C.d. Feb. 1, 1998In April 1998
Taylor, Patrick N.d. Dec. 25, 2002In March/April 2003
Taylor, Robert P.d. Feb. 1, 1997In April 1997
Tejada, Joaquin (Jack)d. Dec. 1, 2008In March 2009
Temple, John W.d. Oct. 20, 1998In March 1999
and Jan. 1999
Templon, Foster H.d. Aug. 6, 1999In Jan. 2000
Terrazas, Nickd. Jan. 10, 1996In Feb. 1996
Thacker, Paul A.d. June 19, 2001In Sept. 2001
Theriac, Regis Martd. Feb. 28, 2003In July 2003
Thomas, Charles Pershingd. May 30, 2001In June/July 2002
Thomas, Clarence not givenIn Sept. 1999
Thomas, Donald H.d. July 8, 2005In Feb/March 2006
and Nov/Dec 2005
Thomas, Edward E. d. April 11, 2003In July 2003
Thomas, Melvin Earld. June 15, 2004In Oct/Nov 2004
Thomas, William Herbert "Bill"d. July 26, 2003In Nov/Dec 2003
Thompson, Barbara
widow Tommy Thompson
d. Jan. 1, 2008In Dec. 2008
Thompson, John W.d. Jan. 9, 1996In July 1996
Thompson, Kyledate not givenIn June 2004
Thompson, Niles Richardd. July 30, 2003In Nov/Dec 2003
Thompson, Otto E.d. Oct. 3, 1995In Feb. 1996
Thompson, Ray H.d. April 26, 1998In Nov. 1998
and July 1998
Thompson, Torvald (Toby)d. June 22, 2007In June 2008
Thompson, Vivian S.d. July 18, 2000In Sept. 2000
Thompson, Wendell D. d. Feb. 12, 2003In July 2003
Thomson, Peterd. May 7, 2006In Sept. 2006
and July/Aug 2006
Thornton, Charles H.d. Dec. 23, 2000In April 2001
Thornton, Georged. Sept. 30, 2000In Nov. 2000
Throneberry, Raphael J.d. Dec. 7, 2004In Feb/March 2005
Tiritilli, Rosindo A.d. Jan. 4, 2000In April 2000
Toland, Philip D.d. Nov. 17, 2000In Nov. 2001
Tolley, Kempd. Oct. 28, 2000In Jan. 2001
Tonelli, Mario not givenIn March/April 2003
Towne, Charles P.d. Jan. 30, 2006In April/May 2006
Trapnell, Thomasd. Feb. 13, 2002In April 2002
Trietsch, Shirleydate not givenIn March 1999
Trifilo, Samueld. Mar. 30, 2008In June 2008
Troy, William G.d. Dec. 27, 1997In Feb. 1998
Trujillo, Juan A.d. May 7, 2005In Nov/Dec 2005
Tucker, Merle E.d. March 11, 2004In June 2004
Tuggle, John d. March 21,2007 In March 2009
Turner, Gerald A.d. May 8, 2006In July/Aug 2006
Turner, Harry L.d. July 2, 2000In Nov. 2000
Turner, Jimmie D.d. April 1, 1996In July 1996
Turner, Odell F.d. Sept. 4, 2003In Nov/Dec 2003
Tyler, Eunice Hatchittd. Jan. 14, 2003In March/April 2003
Tysinger, Raymond "Ty"d. Oct. 24, 1944In Feb. 1998
Ullom, Madeline not givenIn Nov. 2001
Underwood, Ed date not given In March 2008
Underwood, Robert "Bob"
d. April 6, 2008
In Sept. 2008
Unic, Walter J. d. Jan. 23, 2005  In Feb/March 2006 
Urban, Anton F. "Tony"  date not given  In July 2001 
Urban, Stanley not givenIn Aug. 1997
Urioste, Sr., Juan not givenIn Feb. 1998