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These are rosters from war units in the Philippines given to the ADBC. These rosters may not be complete. There may be other rosters available online. The ADBC Museum strives to provide as much information as possible, but due to time limitations the rosters may not be entirely inclusive. Roger Mansell's website has a more comprehensive index.

1060th AAFBU

Cabanatuan Roster

Headquarters Sixth Army APO 442 (releases from Cabanatuan Prison in January 1945

Bataan-Corregidor POWs at Palawan

28th Bombardment Squadron (with story)

Signal Company (Regular Army)

14th Bomb Squadron

3rd Pursuit Squadron

6th Ranger Infantry

21st Pursuit Squadron

34th Pursuit Squadron (INT)

228th Signal Operations Company

724th Aviation Ordnance Company

Date and Death Time (1942 Listing)  Part 1     (June 3, 1942-July25, 1942 ) Part 2 (July 25, 1942-October 22, 1942)

Roster of Army Air Forces project "J" and "R"  Part1(A-Ladd)  

 Part 2 (Lafitte-Z)

4th Marines on Philippines May 1942

4th Marines recovered at end of World War II sent to Joseph Vater

Fukuoka Camp (1980s addresses of former prisoners)

Mukden officer update 1985

Kawasaki Prison Camp #5

Jefferson Barracks Burial List (St. Louis)

Presumed List of Officers Oryoki Maru

Note:  Plans are in the works to make searchable rosters.

192nd Tank Battalion Dec. 1941-Nov. 1945

803 Engineers Aviation Battalion Association (ADBC) has 711 names plus those who died during war

803 Engineers A.B.C. Companies

Canopus Roster

List of officers and enlisted men of the 4th Marines at the Philippines on May 1942

200th Coast Artillery (Anti-Aircraft)

Coast Artillery Officers in the Philippines

Personal List at Port Area from Colonel John E.Olson

Mukden Roster see more complete roster at Mukden Prisoner of War Remembrance Society POW listing

Palawan Roster

Links to Hellship Rosters on other sites:

Arisan Maru Roster by Bill Bowen on POW Rosters Site at

Jim Erikson has the Oryoku Maru Roster on his POW Rosters Site--Oryoku Maru Roster

Jim Erikson has Clyde Maru Roster