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The American Defenders of Bataan & Corridor, Inc. started in 1946 when former prisoners of war met to discuss their experiences. They began an official publication of the organization called the QUAN.  Joseph A. Vater served as editor of the QUAN, a major publication which informs, entertains, and assures the membership of the ADB& C are current on news relating to the organizations activities, veteran's services, and the ongoing legislation, that impacts the veterans lives.  George Wallace now serves as the editor of the publication.

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                           What does Quan mean?

Roy Wommack McCotter, POW wrote a notebook he called the Quan and explained the meaning of the word.  He started his notebook, " This is to be my "quan" log.  Maybe the word "quan" should be explained. Firstly it is a word of Tagolog [sic]  derivation. In that language or or dialect it holds a place similar to such words that have no definite meaning such as a "thing a ma bob" or gadget or any other such like word that the speaker uses when a more apt word does not come to mind.  But to the horio held in the Philippines by the Imperial Niponese [sic] Army under "the international rites for the conduct of land warfare in the treatment of Prisoners of War--"and in addition the law in heavy end of a vitamin stick its use invariably is in connection with food.  Quan may be a noun or a verb.  To make it a verb merely add "ing."  For instance one might hear a person ask another "What kind of quan are you quaning?  "In this way it means what food are you cooking up.  The answer might conceivably be "I am quaning quan in this quan pot over this quan fire."

Page 1 of Roy Wommack McCotter diary

Page 1 of diary  

Page 1-4 of diary explaining Quan,

Entire "Quan" diary kept by Roy McCotter