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These are the personal stories, pictures, and articles about soldiers  captured in Bataan and Corregidor. Many of these original documents are from the donor and may include typographical errors.  We have also included some biographies of others involved with the prisoners, such as nurses.

Abraham, Abie: "Ghost of Bataan," stayed to identify dead
Abramowicz, John V.:
Short bio; Bataan Death March
Adams, Robert:
Diary: Bilibid; Cabanatuan; Fukuoka
Abruzzino, Thomas:
Short biography: Bataan Death March; Bilibid; Arisan Maru 
Agnes, Francis:
ADBC Letter and Obituary Information
Alexander, Joseph:
ADBC Commander 2000-01 and 2006-07; article "A Singular Man": Clark Field; Mindanao; Shinagawa; Omori;
Allen, William: 
Copy of note regarding picture with President Truman
Amos, "Malcolm" Howard:
 Medic General Hospital #2, Bataan Death March, Camp O'Donnell, Cabanatuan; Interview with Peter Parsons Subic Bay, Jan. 2006
Archer, Frank:
"Cavite Catastrophe" personal account
Arslanian, Philip:  ADBC Commander 1981-1982, Short bio
Atwell, Jim:
Short bio; 28th Materiel Squadron, Army Air Corps; driver for General Tanaguchi; Ateneo of Manila; guerrilla fighter
Barnes, Evelyn: Short civilian biography
Barker, Robert A.:
Correspondence referencing Robert Barker
Batcheler, John F:  "The Good Samaritan of Cabanatuan" personal account
Baumann, Father Herman:
Short bio and tribute
Bazewick, Casey: Corregidor 92nd Garage, Mukden
Beale, Arthur:  ADBC Commander 1989-1990;Short bio;Bilibid, Cabanatuan, Moji Hospital,
Fukuoka #22

Beck, Leon:
"The Oklahoma Kid;" Article from "Infantry" Magazine entitled "A Fugitive Behind Japanese Lines:" 31st Infantry; escaped from Bataan Death March; Hukbalahap Squadron
Beebe, James:
Postwar correspondence mentioning Beebe
Bennett, John:  ADBC Commander 1977-78; short bio; Davao Penal Colony; was on Shinyo Maru which was torpedoed; Bennett swam to shore and taken in by Filipinos

Bergbower, Harold:
ADBC Commander 2005-06; Short bio

Biggs, Chester: Information about the book Behind the Barbed Wire
Bigelow, Frank: ADBC Commander 1993-94; Short bio
Bilek, Tony: Chapters from Bilek's book; article from; picture of mess kit
Block, Gerald:  75th Ordnance Co., Died on Arisan Maru
Bloom, Samuel, MD: ADBC Commander 1958-59, Ft. Stotsenburg Hospital, Bilibid, Cabanatuan #1, Santa Tomas Internment Camp
Bloskis, Charles:  ADBC Commander 1988-1989; short bio; 59th CAC, G Battery, Fort Hughes, Cabanatuan

Bodie, Thomas:
Oryoku Maru; Brazil Maru
Brady, Jack:
Bataan Death March account

Braly, William C., Col.: Short bio; Operations Officer; Harbor Defense Command Post; March of Shame; Bilibid; Tarlac Camp; Karenko; Mukden; violin
Braun, Father Albert: Article "The 'Hero Priest' of Corregidor;" obituary
Bressi, Arthur:
ADBC Commander 1965-67; editorial; informational documents; newspaper clippings
Brooks, Curtis:
Short bio
Brougher, General Wm. E.:
General information and lecture reviews
Brown, Albert:
Oldest survivor of the Bataan Death March
Bulkeley, John D,Vice Admiral:
Interview "I Crashed on Through:" the destroyer Endicott
Bullock, Thomas:  Bataan Death March, Tottori Maru, picture of original ADBC Card 1946-47, and Christmas Letter from Mukden in 1942

Bumgarner, John: Review of Bumgarner's book, Parade of the Dead
Bunker, Paul Delmont: Biographical article
Burns, John Patterson: Remarks on Memorial Day by his brother Rev. Richard Lee Burns
Cambon, Ken: Rebuttal "Yes, Hiroshima Was Necessary"
Campbell, Mike: Prison log from Yodogawa Bunsho Camp; article about Campbell entitled "Corregidor '42"
Cantwell, James D.:  ADBC Commander 1978-1979; short bio, Bataan Death March

Carrington, James: Short bio; Bilibid; East Central Luzon Area guerrillas
Cavanaugh, James K.: ADBC Commander 1970-71; short bio
Cimini, Albert:  ADBC Commander 1958-59; short bio; Bataan Death March, 803rd Engineers, and Oyeama (Oyama Prison Camp)

Codrea, George: Washington Post obituary
Christie, Martin Samuel: Short bio
Collier, James:  Story of return trip to Japan 2011, Takaoka-Tayoma
Cox, Gilbert:  Short bio, he was in Alamo Scouts and played a part in the Raid on Cabanatuan
Crago, John:  ADBC Commander 1983-1984, Short Bio, Camp O'Donnell, Omine Machi Coal Mine

Craigg, Jr., Thomas: Short bio; Bataan Death March; Bilibid Prison; Fukoya Coal Mine
Cummins, Ferron Edward: Autobiographical account entitled "This is My Story:" 34th Pursuit Squadron; Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell; Noto Maru; Mukaishima
Curtin, Dr. A.P.: Excerpt of Curtin's records from September 5,1944 to August 29, 1945; Tokyo Area POW Camp #2
Davis, Avril: Short biographical highlights
Davis, Curtis: Short bio
Dyess, Ed: Short bio; 21st Pursuit Squadron; Nichols Field; Battle of the Points; Bataan Death March; Erie Maru
Edwards, Karl: Telegraph text; Biography; Yokohama Prison Camp
Ehney, Paul: Story regarding Ehney; 31st Infantry Division; Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell; mentions Sam Moody; Catanlaan work farm
Eldridge, William:  Short Bio, 31st Infantry, Fort Mckinley, Nichols Field, Bataan Death March, Camp O;Donnell, Cabanatuan, Camp 17 Fukuoka

Elliott, Bruce: Short bio; USS Tanager; Queens Tunnel; March of Shame; Bilibid; Brooke's Point; USS Narwhal
Emerick, John: ADBC Commander 1975-76; Short bio; Bataan Death March, Camp O'Donnell, Hanawa. Nelson and Zamblan Fields

Fairfield, William: Diary from December 1941 to January 1942; 7th Materiel Squadron; Clark Field; Sternberg General Hospital; Mactan log
Falk, George: "Drafted: A Story of Survival;" 131st Field Artillery; captured on Java
Fellows, Richard: Philippine Air Depot report
Ferguson,George: Article from U.S. Navy Medicine entitled "Yangtze Patrollers--Bilibid POW's" about George Ferguson and Alfred Smith; Malinta Tunnel; 92nd Garage; Cabanatuan; Arisan Maru
Fertig, Wendell: Short bio; Army Corps of Engineers; commanding officer of guerrilla forces on Mindanao
Fisher, Edward: 24th Pursuit Group, 34th Pursuit Squadron, Tayabas, Nielsen Airforce Base detail, Sendai 7-B, Hanaoka

Fitch, Lt. Gen. Alva : Short bio; Bataan Death March; Oryoku Maru; Brazil Maru; Fukuoka Camp #1; Jinsen, Korea
Fitzgerald, John Allison: Short bio; USS Grenadier; Japanese Naval Interrogation Camp at Ofuna
Flaitz, James: ADBC Commander 1996-97; short bio
Forinash, Cecil: Company B 45th Infantry of Philippines Scouts; Bataan Death March; attended Law School at University of Tennessee; returned to the army and assigned to the army JAG corps officer; Nagata Maru; He was in Yodogawa, Bunsho and Zentsuji
Francies, Richard (Dick):
Photos and short biographical sketch; radio operator in the Philippines

Gage,Thomas: Account of May 1982 trip to Manila; 34th Pursuit Squadron
Gause, Damon: Short bio; escaped to Australia
Gentry, Roy:
ADBC Commander 1998-99; short bio

Gillett, Richard L.: Story about Gillett, "It's Better To Be Lucky Than Good;" 17th Pursuit Squadron; P-35 pilot; mentions Buzz Wagner; Bataan Death March
Gmeiner, Leigh G.: Story entitled "There Are No Winners in War;" Cavite Naval Shipyard
Goldbach, Raymond: Insurance claim letters
Goldstein, Lewis:  ADBC Commander, 1955-57, Short bio, 454th Ord Avn, Bataan Death March, O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Bilibid,  and Nurami
Gordon, Herb "Bob": Short Bio, Corregidor, 60th Coast Artillery, Kawasaki I Prison Camp (group photo)

Gordon, Jack D.: Personal account entitled "A Buddy and a Group" about the medical aspect of prison camps
Gordon, Richard M.: Short bio; HistoryNet interview with Gordon; article by Gordon about war in the Philippines; Bataan Death March
Calvin R. Graef: Personal story "We Prayed to Die;" Bataan Death March; Cabanatuan; Coast Artillery; Arisan Maru survivor
Graham, John Giroud: Short bio from the National Archives
Grill, Bernard:  ADBC Commander 1972-73, Short Bio, Davao Penal Colony and Funatsu
Gyovai, Frank:
"Jungle Jim;" short article; Guerilla fighter
Hackett, Thomas:  ADBC Commander, 1971-1972, Short Bio, Distinguished Cross Recipient

Robert Heer: Photo; short bio; newspaper articles; 30th Bombardment Squadron; Clark Field; Maru San freighter; Heito POW Camp No. 3; Taiwan POW Camp No. 6; Hakodate Dispatch Camp No. 2; Akabira Camp
Heinzel, Jack: 93rd Bombing Squadron; Clark Field; Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell; Cabanatuan; Oryoku Maru; Enoura Maru; Brazil Maru; Fukuoka Work Camp No. 3
Heisey, Mark:  Signal Corps, Guerilla warfare, Cabanatuan, Pier 7 Detail, Nissyo Maru, Oeyama (Oyama Camp), Biography "Telling It Like It Was" (about 50 pages)

Heisinger, Samuel Lawrence: Army Judge Advocate General; Bilibid; Erie Maru; Davao Penal Colony; Cabanatuan; Oryoku Maru; Enoura Maru
Hoshino, Harry: Letter to Leo Padilla regarding Japanese atrocities
Howdyshell, Lyle: Newspaper obituary
Hudlow, Orin: Newspaper article; Recipes taken from Hudlow's journal
Humphrey, John, Dr.: Submission to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights regarding violation of rights and freedoms and the administration of justice
Hylton, Ike: Short bio; U.S. Navy; Bataan; Corregidor; Maro Maru; Melbourne Maru; Camp No. 3 Sendai; Bunny's Restaurant
Ingram, William:  Short bio; USS Houston, Thai-Burma Railroad
Iovino, Neil:  Gunnery sergeant, Bataan Death March (picked up by truck after 10 miles), 4th Marines,
Bilibid and Cabanatuan, was in Movie Back to Bataan at end

Irvin,Ernest: "Wartime Reminiscences" based on interviews; Third Battalion Fourth Marines; 60th Coast Artillery; Malinta Tunnel Hospital; Bilibid; Cabanatuan; Tsumori Camp; Report of CDR Ferdinand Berley
Eddie Jackfert: ADBC Commander 1984-85 and 1999-2000; Philippine Defense presentations; War Notebooks; policies and legislation document; web pages designed by Jackfert; speech for VJ Day 2010
Jackson, Dr., C.A.: Correspondence regarding death of Jackson
Jacobs, Eugene, M.D:  Made sketches of POW experience, wrote book Blood Brothers, Jacobs was at Camp Hay, Cabanatuan, Bilibid, and Mukden and on the hellships Oryoko Maru, Enoura Maru, and Brazil Maru

Johnson, General Harold K.: Short bio; 57th Infantry Philippine Scouts; Bataan Death March; Oryoku Maru
Johler, Jacob:
"A Farewell to Jacob Johler" article

Jones, Joseph: Personal account; escape from Japanese ship and rescue of Cletis Overton
Jordan, Boder (Sport): "The Rodeo Belt Buckle" article
Jorgenson, Warren "Jorgy":
Review of Jorgenson's book "Daisies and Dandelions"
Kazerski, Frank: Short bio
Keever, Joe:
Diary; Malinta; Cabanatuan; Mukden

Kennard, Lt. Col. William J.: Short bio; Senior Flight Surgeon
King, Edward P.: ADBC Commander 1948; Short bio; 6th Field Artillery Regiment; proceeded Wainwright as Commanding General of the Philippine-American forces on Bataan; surrendered Bataan
Kipps, Harold:  Short bio of Capt. Kipps and autobiography describing Death March, O'Donnell and Cabanatuan

Kissel, Max: Short bio entitled "One Man's Odyssey;" 31st Infantry Division; Bataan Death March; Nissyo Maru; Kissel's Memo book
Kolger, Lewis:
Grandson of Boder (Sport) Jordan; author of "The Rodeo Belt Buckle" with photos

Koot, John: ADBC Commander 1997-98; biographical book; Army Air Corps; Clark Field; mentions Buzz Wagner; Bataan Death March; Mukden
Kostecki, Walter, M.D.: Short bio; Bataan Death March; Fukuoka Camp No. 1
Kozer, Ed:
Biography; Army Air Corps; letters home 1938-1942

Kuhn, Clinton: Funeral service speech
Labrador, Vincente: 1st Lt. AUS; Personal accounts entitled "The Ship That Died Hard," "Wanted Alive," and "Marooned;" mentions Sam Grashio's book Return to Freedom in newspaper article
Lay, Kermit: Short bio; "A Brief History of the 724th Aviation Ordnance Company after the defeat of Bataan and Corregidor" by Kermit Lay
LeClair, John:  ADBC Commander, 1967-69; short bio: Bataan Death March, Hiroshima 06B Omine Yamaguchi

Lee, Henry: "The Poet of Bataan;" 31st Infantry; Oryoku Maru; Enoura Maru; article "The Bataan Poet" from WWII Magazine
Lennartson, James E.: Funeral service article entitled "Body of Fallen Hero Comes Home;" research paper about Lennartson; Mukden POW camp memorial about Lennartson; Army Air Corps; 3rd Pursuit Squadron; Bataan Death March
Levenberg, Ralph Major: ADBC Commander 1979-80; short bio; Levenberg's Presentation to the Commission; letter to Madeleine Albright; United Nations Trip Report; submission to United Nations Commission on Human Rights, February 1993; 17th Pursuit Squadron; Bataan Death March
Levy, David: Short bio; Bataan Death March; Mukden
Lewis, Charles:
Short bio; USS Canopus; Marine Anti-Aircraft Battery Cass

Litchko, Mike: Short bio; "March of Shame" to Bilibid; Cabanatuan
Long, Elmer: ADBC Commander 1980-81; Past National Commander; short bio
Lyons, John R.:  ADBC Commander 1985-86, Past National Commander, short bio
Mann, Joseph:  Short bio; 803rd Engr, Bataan Death March, Survived Amputation, Tok-13B-Omi (Aomi)

Matheny, Joseph: ADBC Commander 1991-92; short bio
Mazer, Maurice:  ADBC Commander 1952-1953; short bio; Bataan Death March, copper mine Sendai06B at Hanawa

McClure,James Edwin: Formal report given by McClure; 74th Infantry; Negros Province surrender; Davao Penal Colony; escape of Privates Brown and Pease; McClure's escape from Davao
McCotter, Roy:  Biography with diaries and "Quan" log which explains what Quan means, Radioman, Navy, Bilibid, Cabanatuan Camp Three and Two,Taikoka Maru, Motoyama and Mitsushima
Jerome McDavitt:  ADBC Commander, 19764-1975, Short bio, 24th FA, Camp O'Donnell, Cabanatuan and Omine Machi in Japan

McDole, Glenn: Short bio; Palawan Massacre survivor
McEvoy, Jim:  ADBC Commander, 1947, Motor Boat Squadron 3, Bilibid Prison

McGuire, Omar:
ADBC Commander 2002-03; short bio; 21st Pursuit Squadron

McKusick, Joseph C.: Personal account entitled "How I Became a POW;" Company C 194th Tank Battalion; Fort Stotsenburg; Camp O'Donnell; Cabanatuan; Bilibid (medical treatment); Coral Maru; Moji; Seitetsu Steel Company; Kamikaze pilot
McVey, Urban:  Bataan Death March, Camp O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, rescued Fukuoka, Yawata.
Medlock, Frendy, Jr.:  Biography, "Ninety One Letters"--about the letters his mother had returned to her.
Frendy died at Cabanatuan
Menozzi, Harry: ADBC Commander 1961-1962; Short bio, 803rd Eng Bt., Tottori Maru

Meyer, Donald:
Arisan Maru survivor; Personal account entitled "Five Came Back;" 92nd Garage; Bilibid; Cabanatuan

Milyneck, Carl: Story by Milyneck; Bataan Death March; Mukden
Miller, Andy:  ADBC Commander 1990-91; short bio; Army Air Corps; 19th Air Base Squadron
Miller,Bernard P.: Personal account; 19th Bomb Group; Bataan Death March; Hiro Hata; Nagoya Camp No. 10
Miller, Wayne: Memo book
Mills, Loyd Edward: Short bio; Bataan Death March; Oryoku Maru; Enoura Maru; Brazil Maru
Montgomery, William:  Long biography included; Clark Field, O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Davao Penal Colony, Bilibid Prison
Moody, Samuel:  ADBC Commander 1964-65; Bataan Death March, one of original
founders of ADBC

Morrill II, John H.: Short bio; Corregidor; USS Quail
Moss, Wilford: Short bio; 701st Aviation Ordnance Company; Mindanao
Murphy, James T.: Short bio; Army Air Corps 20th Base Squadron; radio operator; Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell; Camp Cabanatuan No. 1; Noto Maru; Hanawa, Sendai No. 6 prison camp; Mitsubishi copper mine; USS Rescue; USS Garrard; USS Monitor; USS Klipfontain
Murray, Sylvan:  Short bio, 454th Ordnance Company, Nissyo Maru
Nagel, Rev. Edward: Short bio; missionary; chaplain; Cabanatuan; Oryoku Maru; Brazil Maru; Moji, Japan
Nash, Carl:
Personal account entitled "The Captivity of Carl Nash;" Army Air Corps; Bataan Death March; Cabanatuan; Yokkaichi
Nelson, Mary Rose Harrington:  Nurse, Canacoa Naval Hospital, Santo Tomas Internment Camp, Los Banos
Nevarez, Manuel "Manny":  Bio, and diary with link to lengthy personal account; Co, C,194th Tank Battalion, Bataan Death March, Sendai 07B Hanaoka
Nolan, Bill: Short bio; communications sergeant; Bataan Death March; Hokusen Maru; Japanese copper foundry worker
Quan article by Odlin entitled "The Death March"
Oestrich, Elvin D. (Dave) also known as Elvin Davis: Short bio, 34th Pursuit Squadron, Bataan Death March, O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, and worked in Tannery in Mukden

Oliver, Glenn Stuart: Short bio; 194th Tank Battalion; Bataan Death March; Arisan Maru
Olson, John, Col.: Short bio; 57th Infantry Regiment; Bataan Death March; Philippine Scouts
Oliver, John:  ADBC Commander 2003-2004, short biography, Kawasaki Camp 2, Shinagawa Hospital

Orson, Oliver, DVM: Personal account; 82nd Field Artillery; US Army Veterinary Corps; Fort San Pedro; mentions Boder "Sport" Jordan; Davao Penal Colony; Cabanatuan; Bilibid; Oryoku Maru; Enoura Maru; Brazil Maru; Fukuoka; List of Veterinary Corps Officers
Patterson, "Pat": Letter written by wife regarding widow's pension; 31st Infantry
Pendleton, Frederick:  Battery Geary. Corregidor, 92nd garage, Tanagawa Prison Camp, Nagato Maru
Peterson, Magnor "Pete":  Short bio, 19th Bomb a 93rd Bomb Squadron, Taga Maru Hellship

Pickman, Simme: ADBC Commander 1948-49; Personal account entitled "A Story of Hell;" Nichols Field; mentions Buzz Wagner; Bataan Death March; Cabanatuan; Hiro Hata
Poster, Joseph T.:  ADBC Commander 1976-1977, short biography, Bataan Death March, Camp Hoten, Mukden, Tottori Maru Hellship

Pruitt, Charles: ADBC Commander 1994-95; short bio
Quinn, John: British Royal Marine; personal accounts entitled "49 Top Hats" and "Anglo American Solidarity;" Ichioka Prison Hospital
Quinn, Michael Colonel: The Kansas City Star article entitled "Writing a Diary in Jap Prisons Kept Colonel Quinn Sane;" obituaries
Ray, John:  ADBC Commander, 1962-64. 2nd Bn., 4th regiment, Hanawa copper mine

Reamer, Everett: ADBC Commander 2007-08; 60th Coast Artillery Antiaircraft; short autobiography; Oral History interview at Rugers; Interview with Peter Parsons 2006; personal account entitled "A Soldier's Bible;" Osaka Camp No. 1; Osaka Sakai Prison
Reuter, Paul:  Bio, Personal account of experience in Bilibid prison with beri-beri and other diseases, Bataan Death March, Camp O'Donnell, Tayabas Work Detail, Bilibid, Cabanatuan, Hirohito, Japan, at Seitetsi Steel

Reynolds, Robert: Short bio; 34th Pursuit Squadron
Ringo, Boyd:
Short letter by daughter

Rogal, Walter: "History of M.T.B. Ron 27 (P.T. Boat Squadron 27)" account by Rogal
Rosendahl, Robert: Short bio; 3rd Pursuit Squadron; Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell; Mukden
Rossi, Frank:
Short autobiography; Clark Field; Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell; Mukden  
Routt, Melvin:  ADBC Commander, 1995-1996, short biography, address at convention,
Canopus, Bilibid, Cabanatuan 1 and 3, and Camp #17 in Japan
Rowland, John:  ADBC Commander 1982-1983, short bio, Bataan Death March, Camp O'Donnell, Mukden

Rutter, Donald: Personal account entitled "Into Oblivion: An American Machiavellian Tragedy and a U.S. Government Disgrace;" Radioman; Santo Tomas; Fort Santiago; Bilibid; Cabanatuan; Mati Mati Maru; Omuta Camp No. 17; Palawan Massacre
Sachwald, Louis:  ADBC Commander 1973-74; short bio; 31st Infantry; 7th Chemical; Bilibid Prison; Copper Mine (Sendai)
Senna, Albert:  ADBC Commander, 1950-1951; short bio; 803rd Engineers, Bataan Death March,
Cabanatuan (Zero Ward), Haro Maru

Schlick, Emory C.: Short bio; 200th CAC; Bataan Death March; Cabanatuan; Mukden
Shabart, Elmer, MD: Short bio; 12th Medical Regiment of the Philippine Scouts; Bataan Death March; Mukden
Shannon, Frank:
Letter from War Department to Mrs. Shannon
Sheeley, Charles:
Short bio; P-40 Tomahawk pilot; Bataan Death March

Shook,Charles: Short bio; 59th Coast Guard Artillery; 1st soldier killed in WWII from Brooke County
Shoss, Morris Loeb, Col.:  Short bio; 91st Coast Artillery, escaped when Shinyo Maru was torpedoed
Sibayan, Jose: Personal account; Armed Forces of the Philippines
Silva, Agapito: ADBC Commander 2004-05; 515th Coast Artillery; Omuta Camp No. 17
Simpson, Carter Berkeley: Short bio; Navy Bluejacket-Marine Battalion; Diary sections
Small, George: Short Bio; 3rd Chemical Company and 31st Infantry; Bataan Death March , Camp O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Tanagawa, Zentsuji,  and Roku Roshi,

Smith, Alfred Littlefield: Interview articled entitled "Guest of the Emperor;" Yangtze Patroller; the USS Luzon; 92nd Garage; Bilibid
Spooner, Harold:  First ADBC Commander, 1946, 31st Infantry

Steele, Ben:
Short bio; 7th Materiel Squadron; Clark Field; Bataan Death March; Tayabas Road Detail; Bilibid; Cabanatuan; Mati Mati Maru

Sterner III, Joseph A.: Short bio; 60th Coast Artillery Company; 92nd Garage; Bilibid Prison; Cabanatuan; Hirohata; Toyama Bay
Stull, Kenneth:
ADBC Commander 1959-61; short bio; 803rd Battalion Company "A;" Camp Shinagawa; Camp Omori; Cabanatuan; Nagato Maru
Szczepanski, Joseph: Short bio; 20th Air Base Group; Bataan Death March; Cabanatuan; Fukuoka Camp 17
Talbot, Albert:  ADBC Commander, 1947
Billy Templeton:  19th Squadron, Bataan Death March, Tottori Maru, Mukden

Tenney, Lester: ADBC Commander 2008-09; chapter from My Hitch in Hell; Bataan Death March
Tonelli, Mario "Motts": Short bio; Notre Dame; 200th Coast Artillery; Bataan Death March; Camp O'Donnell; Cabanatuan; Mindanao; Canadian Inventor hellship; Moji, Japan
Turner, Houston:  31st Infantry, in Manila when war broke out, policed ManilaBattle of Mount Samat, Bataan Death March, O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Taga Maru hellship, Hirohata #12, Nagoya #5
Utinsky, Margaret:
Short bio; Manila; Red Cross Nurse; smuggled supplies to American prisoners at Cabanatuan; Fort Santiago; guerrilla nurse
Vater,Joseph: ADBC Commander 1953-55; short story entitled "The Acquisition of My Camera and the Pictures That Followed;" artwork; Rutgers Oral History Interview; Cabanatuan No. 3; Tottori Maru; Mukden
Versaw, Donald:  4th Marines Band, Work Camp Near Clark Air Force Base, on Hellship Nissyo Maru, Fukuoka 7B Futase

Walker, Uzelle Derwood: Short bio
Ward, Joseph: ADBC Commander 2001-02; obituary; Army Air Force; Bataan Death March
Weiss, Edward W.Short bio; 10th Signal Service Company; U.S. Philippine Department Headquarters radio communications center; Santiago; Camp John Hay; Don Esteban; Cebu; Camp Cook; Negros; Dumaguete; Asia; Capinganon; Maria Del Pilar; Victoria Barracks (Ambon); Tan Toey POW Camp
Wheeler, JohnShort bio; 26th Cavalry Regiment, Philippine Scouts; battle of Damortis
Wheeler,Ken: Short bio; personal account entitled "...For My Children" (131 pages); Cavite Naval Shipyard; USS Canopus; Provisional Navy Infantry Unit; Battle of the Points; 16th Naval District Staff; 92nd Garage; Bilibid; Cabanatuan; Davao Penal Colony; Oryoku Maru; Enoura Maru; Brazil Maru; Fukuoka Camp No. 1; Inchon, Korea
Whitcomb, Edgar D.
Short bio; Army Air Corps; Monkey Point; 92nd Garage; Fort Santiago; Santo Tomas; Chaipei Civilian Internment Camp in Shanghai
Wilayto, Henry:  ADBC Commander 1987-1988, Charter Member ADBC, Bataan Death March, Bilibid, Cabanatuan, stevedore on Manila pier, and Oyeyama Camp, Japan
Winter, Richard T.: Personal account entitled "Corregidor: My Story;" Battery "A" 59th Artillery; Malinta Tunnel; Bilibid; Cabanatuan No. 3; Tottori Maru; Yokohama Stadium Camp No. 3; Kamaishi
Wonneman, George: ADBC Commander 1992-93; 803rd Aviation Engineers; Bataan Death March; Wonneman's Address at the Convention in 1992
Zbikowski, EdmundShort bio by John Denehy Jr. from the Quan March 1981
Zimmerman, Leslie: Short bio; U.S. Army and Air Corps chaplain; Nichols Field; Bataan Death March; Cabanatuan; Hora Maru; Sendai Division Camp No. 3 (Hosokura)
Zoberbier, Roy: Short bio; 31st Infantry Regiment; Cabanatuan








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Books and articles | written about POWs by others
My Father's Captivity by Al Young about his father "Blackie" Young

Don Jose:  An American Soldier's Courage and Faith in Japanese Captivity by James McClure  This book tells the story of Joseph O. Quintero. who served with the 60th Coast Artillery on Corregidor. In addition to Quintero's narrative, the book includes some details on the defense of Corregidor and the war diary of Battery H of the 60th.

Holmes, Linda Goetz | Benjamin LLamzon Speech Beyond Courage given to Chicago Literary Club in 1993

Other World War II Veterans
Budea Family

William Long