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ADBC Commanders

Eugene Jacobs Art (Cabanatuan, Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru, Mukden)

Colonel John Olson Photos (O'Donnell cross, Capas Train Station, Points Photos)

Joe Vater 1945 Album, (Mukden and return through Philippines)

Ed Kozer Photo Album (Nichols and Clark Air Force Bases and native scenes around area Philippine)

DG-ADBC Convention 2011 taken by Dan Ilgenfritz

Richard Francies Photographs in  a return trip to Philippines

Medical and Nurses

Jack Brady (POW) Photographs

ADBC Convention 2008 photos

ADBC Convention 2009 photos

Mr. Vater at boot camp
Mr. Joseph Vater (Past National Commander of ADBC) at boot camp in Fort Belvoir, VA,before placement on Corregidor. Mr. Vater is on the left

uss bataan picture

U.S.S. Bataan
Kindley Bamboo Terminal

Kindley Bamboo Terminal
Mr. Vater is on the right

View Mr. Richard Francies Photographs