Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release form captivity

Victims of the Palawan Roster        

Following the military defeats in the Philippines, on August 1, 1942, 346 POWs still located in the Philippines were sent to Palawan Island for the purpose of constructing an airfield for the Japanese. Two years later, in September 1944, 159 American POWs were sent back to Manila because the Japanese thought that the 150 remaining survivors would be able to finish the airfield. Due to the ongoing presence of Allied aircraft in the area, on Thursday, December 14, 1944, the Japanese sighted an American convoy and mistakenly believed that it was bound for Palawan. As a result, the Japanese placed the prisoners in three air raid shelters, which were then ignited by Japanese soldiers using torches and grenades. Any men who escaped the wooden shelters were executed, although a small number did survive. In 1952, the remains of 123 of those massacred at Palawan were transported to the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, and on October 4, 2003 a new marker was dedicated to honor the victims.


This list is the culmination to date of exhaustive research done with documents from the National Archives. It appears that a final resolution of all victims was never made. The survivors of the massacre provided invaluable information to the fullest extent possible. It is known that Japanese captors murdered 139 prisoners of war on Dec. 14, 1944 in the city of Puerta Princessa on the island of Palawan.

The first list is the name, rank (where possible), branch of service, and hometown (where possible) of 133 victims. The documentary evidence for these men is overwhelming. The second list of eight men are those where the evidence is contradictory. As late as 1952, attempts were being made to account for all the victims.

ADAMS, Jewett Franklin T/Sgt USMC Canton, Georgia
ADKINS, Robert Arthur Corp USMC Enterprise, Oregon
ANDERSON, Robert Sterling Pvt Army Harper, Washington
ARAUJO, Henry H. Sgt Army Denver, Colorado
ARISPE, Heraclio Pfc Army Corpus Christi, Texas
BAILEY, Homer R. Pfc Army Ardmore, Oklahoma
BANCROFT, Everett Richard Pfc Army Canon City, Colorado
BARNES, Carl Ellis WT 2c Navy Bakersfield, California
BARNES, Darrell Leroy AOM 3c Navy Bayonne, New Jersey
BARTLE, Charles Warren Sgt Army Coffeyville, Kansas
BEASON, Benjamin Franklin T/Sgt Army Canyon, Texas
BLACKBURN, Wilbur Burdett TM 2c Navy Wichita, Kansas
BOUCHEY, Mason J. Pvt Army Saginaw, Michigan
BROWN, William Theodore Pfc Army Antioch, California
BRUNI, Fred Tobias Capt (CO) Army Janesville, Wisconsin
BUCHANAN, Vernon Edward MM 3c Navy Turner, Kansas
BURNETT, Douglas Corp Army LeGrande, Oregon
CALDWELL, Sammy Lee Pfc USMC San Angelo, Texas
CARTER, Casey Pvt Army Paris, Texas
CHILDERS, Roy R. Pvt Army New Berlin, Illinois
CHOATE, James Louis Pvt Army Madisonville, Kentucky
COOK, Harry Aerog 1c Navy Detroit, Michigan
CRANDELL, Earl Jesse Pvt Army Scipio, Oklahoma
CRAVENS, William Thomas Pvt Army Port Royal, Kentucky
CULLINS, Franklin Ashley Pvt Army Black Oak, Arkansas
CZAJKOWSKI, John Pfc Army Nichols, Wisconsin
DIAZ, John F. Pfc Army Osage, Iowa
DUTTON, Glen Albert Pfc Army Reno, Nevada
ELIX, Clayton Emmett Pfc Army Pueblo, Colorado
EVANS, Erving August Corp Army Huron, South Dakota
EYRE, George Robert Pfc Army Marion, Ohio
FLETCHER, Houston Everett Pfc Army Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
FRYAR, William Ferson Pfc USMC Apollo, Pennsylvania
GEE, Jessie Roy Corp Army Yuba City, California
GIUFFREDA, Mike Paul Pvt Army San Jose, California
GILLESPIE, Bill Edmond S 1c Navy Dallas, Texas
GLACKEN, Joseph Charles Jr. Pfc USMC St. Louis, Missouri
GLOVER, Sammy Pfc Army Daisetta, Texas
GOODYKOONTZ, Richard Eugene Pvt Army Marion, Indiana
GRAHNERT, James Dewey Corp USMC Vancouver, Washington or Rapid City, So. Dakota
HALE, Waldo Stedem S 1c Navy Saybrook, Illinois
HAMMOCK, William Lester Jr. Sgt USMC Boyle, Mississippi
HAMRIC, Dane Hampton Corp  Army Widen, West Virginia
HANSEN, Kenneth Russell Pfc USMC Morro Bay, California
HARBIN, Lenton Roger S/Sgt Army West Palm Beach, Florida
HARRIS, John Solomon TM 2c Navy Monticello, Georgia
HAWKINS, Douglas Forrest Pvt Army Coeburn, Virginia
HENDERSON, Clifford Marlin Pfc USMC Levi, West Virginia
HENDERSON, Joseph Patrick Pvt Army Los Angeles, California
HICKS, Roy Joseph S/Sgt Army Crestview, Florida
HINCKLE, Miner Columbus Pvt Army Ada, Oklahoma
HUBBARD, Hugh Boyd Pvt Army Yarnell, Arizona
HUBBARD, Robert Lee (brothers) Corp Army Yarnell, Arizona
HUGHES, John F. Jr. P1Sgt USMC Waynesboro, Virginia
HUSTON, Tom Virgil Pvt Army Modesto, California
HUTCHINSON, Fred Wallace Pfc Army Los Angeles, California
JACOBSON, Charles Donald Pfc Army Denver, Colorado
JOHNSON, Aubrey Peyton Pfc USMC Winnsboro, Louisiana
JOYNER, Earl Esell Pfc USMC Goshen Springs, Mississippi
KAZLAUSKAS, Joseph Richard Pvt Army Lowell, Massachusetts
KERNES, Richard Wilfred Pfc USMC Woodward, Iowa
KING, Harold Wayne Pvt Army Great Bend, Kansas
KNIGHT, Henry Carlisle Lt. Comm Navy Portland, Oregon (?)
KOERNER, Richard Aloysis S/Sgt Army Ellis, Kansas
KOZUCH, Stephen Thaddeus Pfc USMC Chicago, Illinois
LAMOUNTAIN, Arthur Lawrence S1c Navy Mineral Falls, Massachusetts
LAMPSHIRE, Leo Nick Sgt Army Lansdown, Pennsylvania
LEWIS, Kenneth Leaman Pfc Army Taunton, Massachusetts
LINDSEY, Kenneth Clyde Pfc USMC Gillette, Wyoming
LINDSAY, Forest Edison Pfc Army Vale, North Carolina
LYONS, John Aloysis Pvt Army Staples, Minnesota
MCANANY, Richard Emmett Tec 4 Army Conemaugh, Pennsylvania
MCELVEEN, William Muton Pvt Army New Orleans, Louisiana
MCNALLY, Theodore CMM (AA) Navy Kansas City, Missouri
MANGO, Carl Louis 1st Lt. (MD) Army Erie, Pennsylvania
MANZI, George Vincente S/Sgt Army Bridgeport, Connecticut
MARTYN, Donald Joseph Pfc USMC New York, New York
MASCARENAS, Jose E. T. Pvt Army Penasco, Taos, New Mexico
MILLION, Joe Baxter S/Sgt Army Harrodsburg, Kentucky
MOFFATT, Fred Vincent Pvt Army Moline, Illinois
MOORE, Roger Garland Sgt Army Monroe, Louisiana
MORRIS, E. C. Pfc USMC Jacksboro, Texas
MORRIS, Orland Otis Corp USMC Boise, Idaho
NEWELL, Frank Robert Pvt Army North Tonawanda, New York
NOEL, Harry Pvt Army Chicago, Illinois
NOVAK, Ernest Julian Pvt Army Watsonville, California
OTERO, Trinidad Fidel Pvt Army Wilard, New Mexico
PITTS, James A. Pfc Army Winter Garden, Florida
PRICE, Dillard Pfc USMC Magnolia, Arkansas
RANKIN, Homer Franklin Corp Army Freeport, Kansas
RAY, Daniel Woodrow Pfc USMC Travis County, Texas
RECTOR, Vernon William Pfc Army Phoenix, Arizona
RIGAS, Peter Tom Pfc USMC Chicago, Illinois (born in Greece)
RHOADES, Arthur Wayne Pvt Army Fort Wayne, Indiana
ROE, James Howard S1c Navy Strand, Oklahoma
RUDD, James Rollie Pvt Army Cutuno, Kentucky
SAIZ, Santiago Sannedra Pvt Army Peralta, New Mexico
SANCHEZ, John Pfc Army Kansas City, Missouri
SCALLY, Henry Fredrick 1/Sgt Army Silver City, New Mexico
SCHUBERT, Charles Augustus T/Sgt Army Albuquerque, New Mexico
SCHULTZ, Edward Joseph Corp USMC Brighton, Wisconsin
SEAGRAVES, Raymond Lewis Pfc USMC Little Elm, Texas
SIERRA, Gabriel Jr. Pvt Army Randsburg, California
SIMPSON, Jesse Herschel Pfc USMC Dunning, Nebraska
SIRFUS, Charlie Pfc Army Des Moines, Iowa
SKAGGS, Owen Neil Pfc USMC Holdenville, Oklahoma
SKIDMORE, George McClelland Pfc USMC Pennington Gap, Virginia
SMITH, Charles Carlyle SM 2c Navy Guntersville, Alabama
SMITH, Julio Forest MM 2c Navy Indianapolis, Indiana
SMITH, Kenneth Otto Pfc Army Hoisington, Kansas
SPINDLER, Carrol Frank Sgt Army Edwardsville, Illinois
STANLEY, Dervert Eugene Pvt Army Dallas, Texas
STANLEY, John Marvin Pvt Army Lakeview, Texas
STEVENSON, Robert Louis Pvt Army Muskegon, Michigan
STIDHAM, James Houston Sgt Army Hardshell, Kentucky
STREET, Charles Hiram Corp Army Santa Cruz, California
STUTTS, Harding Elwood Pfc Army Pinetta, Florida
SWEANY, Leslie Irwin Pfc Army Hamilton, Missouri
SWINNEY, Homer Everett Pfc Army Hawk Point, Missouri
TEEL, Glen Eugene Pfc Army Columbus Junction, Iowa
TERRY, Jolly E. Pvt Army Cache, Oklahoma
THOMAS, Delbert Raymond Pfc Army Wellington, Kansas
TURNER, Glenn C. WO/JG Navy San Antonio, Texas
UBALLE, Joseph John S/Sgt Army Boone, Iowa
VITATOE, Ted Edgar Pvt Army Rockwood, Tennessee
WADDELL, George McClelland Pfc USMC Versailles, Missouri
WALKER, Carl M. S/Sgt Army Elizabeth City, North Carolina
WALKER, George Murray Corp USMC Columbia, South Carolina
WARREN, John Otis Pfc USMC Dekalb, Mississippi
WHITECOTTON, Horace Pvt Army Mesa, Arizona
WILLIAMS, John Grant Pfc USMC Eldorado, Kansas
WILLIAMS, Maurice Scott Jr. Sgt USMC Omaha, Nebraska
YEAST, Willard Rue Pvt Army Harrodsburg, Kentucky


This list of eight men is those whose documentary evidence is in some degree of doubt. Anyone who can lend further information about any of these men, please contact Lorna Nielsen Murray at 801-280-6037 or 4047 W. 9580 So. E-mail:   So. Jordan UT 84095

ARNOLDY, Arthur Anton
This man's serial number belonged to BAKER, Herbert. Baker's next of kin notified.
Corp USMC Tipton, Kansas
BAKER, Herbert
No death certificate was issued to my knowledge but his name does appear on the headstone of the mass grave in St. Louis MO.
BAKER, John L.
A death certificate was found with the others, but a list from 1952 states that he was evacuated to the U.S. 12 Sept. 1945, then killed in an auto accident 3 Dec. 1945.
MULLINS, Levi D, Jr.
This man appears on many lists but a letter written in 1948 states that he was returned to military control.
RAY or REA, Harry Francis
Same as Mullins
SHALLEY (SEALLEY?), Charles Earl
This man appears on every list but there is no death certificate and his name is not on the headstone. (Many names are not on the headstone because some of the families requested remains to be interred in family burial plots.)
SNYDER, Cecil J.
I have not found a death certificate but his name is on the headstone and some of the lists.
SNYDER, Robert Q.
Same as Mullins
There is some evidence that this is a nickname for one of the other Williams that is on the first list.

This document was given to the ADBC Museum from the files of the ADBC. The document as given to us is available as Victims of the Palawan Massacre in pdf form. This roster may not be complete. There may be other rosters available online.  The ADBC Museum strives to provide as much information as possible, but due to time limitations the rosters may not be entirely inclusive. Roger Mansell's website has a more comprehensive index.