Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release from captivity
Joseph Matheny

Joseph Matheny

Joseph Matheny was born February 17, 1922 in Logan, Ohio.  He entered military service December 1940.  He was assigned to Headquarters Co. 192nd December 1940.  He received basic training and attended various schools at Armed Force Headquarters, Fort Knox, KY.  He arrived in Philippines November 1941 and served as a sergeant tank reconnaissance.

He was captured on Bataan, interned in O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Lipa, Bilibid, and taken to Japan in July of 1944. He went to Camp Fukuoka until August 15, 1945.  He retired as a radio engineer in 1985.

He married Shirley, and he has two sons Tim and Dan.