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picture of captivity and picture of release from captivity

Warren "Jorgy" Jorgenson

Cover of "Daisies and Dandelions""My premise broaches the theorem that the earth's population, irrespective of gender or ethnicity, consists of simply two types of people: liberals (dandelions) and conservatives (daisies) and degrees thereof." Therein lies the foundation of Daisies and Dandelions: An Indictment of Today's Parenting by Warren "Jorgy" Jorgenson, a former marine who was imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II. In a starkly honest, no-nonsense tone, Jorgenson presents an articulate assertion about America and its citizens. He contends that the first five years of a child's life are a crucial formative time, and that it is during this period that one begins to form either conservative or liberal leanings based upon the actions and attitudes of the parents. Furthermore, he illustrates how America's "principled conservatism" began declining after World War II with the advent of television and other technological media. Further destruction of America, Jorgenson notes, seems to have been brought about by the Clinton scandal of the 1990s, and, more recently, by Obama, under whose direction America has become an oligarchy fluent in sophistry. Peppered with personal accounts and observations, Daisies and Dandelions is a black and white portrayal of one veteran's perspective on the increase of secularism and the decline of capitalism in America, a thought-provoking read for liberals and conservatives alike.