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Edward Jackfert, PNC

1984-1985 and 1999-2000
Edward Jackfert's speech at ADBC Museum 2012

Eddie Jackfert and Henrietta
Edward Jackfert, a native of Wellsburg, WV, graduated from Wellsburg High School in the year 1939.  On September 11, 1940, he enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps, was sent to aircraft engineers school, and after completion of this course, was assigned to the Philippine Islands, arriving there in June 1941.  He was assigned to the 28th Bomb Squadron which later became a part of the 19th Bomb Group.  He was at Clark Field, Philippine Islands, when the Japanese attacked it on December 8, 1941.  Clark Field was evacuated with all personnel transported to Bataan Peninsula.  His unit was then assigned to the Island of Mindanao where he was assigned infantry duties and subsequently, his unit surrendered to the Japanese forces on May 10, 1942.  The next three years and four months were spent as a prisoner of war of the Japanese government on Mindanao and later at Kawasaki, Japan.  He was discharged from the U.S. Army Air Corps in April 1946 and then attended Bethany College where he received a degree in Economics in the year 1949.  He was then employed by the Internal Revenue Service as a Criminal Investigator and worked primarily in the field of organized crime and corruption of public officials until his retirement in February 1977.  On June 3, 1984 and May 1999 he was elected National Commander of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, a national veteran's organization.

Brooke County Public Library Educational Project

Analyzing the Sacrifice and Abandonment of American Troops Defending the Philippine Islands
December 8, 1941 to May 10, 1941

Ed Jackfert has created a funding proposal for the ADBC Museum  and is seeking written endorsements.  
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Presentations created by Eddie Jackfert


Beginning Presentation

Philippine Defense

Part 1 (Maps and Commanders)

Part 2 (Corregidor and Fort Drum)

Part 3 (Regiments, Battalions, Engineers, Air Bases and Planes)

Part 4 (U.S. Asiatic Fleet and Bombings of Pearl Harbor and Philippines, December 1941)

Part 5 (Japanese Attacks and Landings December 1941, Bataan
Withdrawal Plan, and Clark Field and Manila Evacuation)

Part 6 (Events January through March 1942)

Part 7 Japanese Withdrawal and Retraining, Medical Concerns, and Dwindling Supplies

Part 8 Final Offensive by Japan and American Surrender of Bataan

Part 9 Bataan Death March, Camp O'Donnell and Bilibid Prison

Part 10 Seige and Surrender of Corregidor

Part 11 Fall of Corregidor and Surrender of troops at Mindanao

Mr. Jackfert's Notebooks kept during war

Smaller notebook (entries from 1941-45

Larger notebook started in Jan. 1945


Politics and legislation document

For information on the 31st infantry see this web site   The 31st Infantry Association


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Speech for VJ Day August 2010 given at the Brooke County Public Library