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Linda Goetz Holmes

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Linda Goetz Holmes, Historian

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 Linda Goetz Holmes has been interviewing, writing and publishing works about World War II prisoners in the Pacific for the past 30 years. She was the first Pacific War historian appointed to the U.S. Government Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG), under the aegis of the National Archives, tasked with locating and declassifying material about World War II war crimes. The IWG presented its final report to Congress in April 2007. Her 1994 book, 4000 Bowls of Rice: A Prisoner of War Comes Home, about Allied prisoners of war forced to build the infamous Burma Railway during World War II, was selected for inclusion in the John E. Taylor Collection of Military History and Intelligence at The National Archives in College Park, MD. It was re-issued in a new, updated soft cover edition in September 2007 by Brick Tower Press in New York. Her 2001 book, Unjust Enrichment, naming the Japanese companies which used our prisoners of war for slave labor, was published in a new, updated edition in Spring 2008 by Konecky Associates. Ms. Holmes was the first to connect the dots showing that our POWs were working on Japanese company property, and that their death rate in Japanese captivity was nearly 40% (military prisoners in Nazi captivity had just 1% death rate).
Ms. Holmes has presented her findings before audiences at the National Security Agency Center for Cryptologic History; the Admiral Nimitz National Museum of the Pacific War; the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco; and numerous veteran's groups, civic associations,symposia, libraries and classrooms throughout the country. She has been interviewed by national and local TV and radio stations and print media, and has appeared in documentaries on the History Channel, Fox News, and ABC 20/20, among others.
Ms. Holmes is currently working on her third book about American prisoners of the Japanese in its largest camp, operated by Mitsubishiin Mukden, Manchuria, scheduled for publication in March 2010. Ms. Holmes, a lifelong journalist and editor, is a graduate of Wellesley College. She is a former editor at the CBS Television network; a U.S. correspondent for the Australian, and served as president of the Society of the Silurians, the nation's oldest press club from 2004-2006. She is a member of the board of directors of the Overseas Press Club Foundation. She recently received a Distinguished Alumni Award from her alma mater, Scarsdale NY High School.Ms. Holmes lives in her 1775 house on Shelter Island, NY. She is active in civic affairs, and serves on the Suffolk County Planning Commission.

Books by Linda Goetz Holmes

Unjust Enrichment4000 Bowls of Rice
Coming:  Book on Mukden

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