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History of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor, Inc.

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History of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor, Inc..

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History of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor, Inc.

Picture of First Reunion of ADBC, Inc.

First Reunion of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor at the Hotel Bradford in Boston, Massachusetts

In the charter of American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor the purpose of the organization is given:

"To establish and maintain a place for holding meetings and perform and encourage fraternal, athletic and historical activities; to hold, own and/or control real estate and or personal property acquired by gift or purchase or otherwise whenever possible, to foster patriotism and civic loyalty and to perpetuate and strengthen friendship, to care for the widows and orphans of our deceased or unfortunate comrades, to assist and make lighter the circumstances of our comrades who have been injured or handicapped as a result of service in World War II, and its primary purposes are social and fraternal in nature, but this purpose shall not include the right to apply for a license to sell alcoholic beverages."

The charter war signed and witnessed in Massachusetts on March 21st, 1946.

Copy of original charter

List of National Commanders

Commanders Pictures Here on Flickr

Harold Spooner 1946 Louis Sachwald 1973-74 Frank Bigelow 1993-94
Rev. Albert D.Talbot 1947 Jerome A. McDavitt 1974-75 Charles L. Pruitt 1994-95
James McEvoy 1947 John M. Emerick  1975-76 Melvin L. Routt 1995-96
M/Gen. E.P. King, Jr. 1948 Joseph T. Poster 1976-77 James R. Flaitz 1996-97
Simme Pickman  1948-49 John Bennett 1977-78
John Koot 1997-98
Albert J. Senna  1950-51 James D. Cantwell 1978-79
Roy Y. Gentry 1998-99
Maurice Mazer  1952-53 Ralph Levenberg 1979-80
Edward Jackfert 1999-2000
Joseph A. Vater 1953-55 Elmer E. Long, Jr.  1980-81
Joseph L. Alexander 2000-01
Lewis Goldstein 1955-57 Philip Arslanian 1981-82
Joseph Ward 2001-02
Albert C. Cimini 1957-58 John Rowland 1982-83
Omar McGuire 2002-03
Samuel M. Bloom, M.D. 1958-59 John Crago 1983-84
John H. Oliver 2003-04
Kenneth J. Stull 1959-61 Edward Jackfert 1984-85
Agapito E. Silva 2004-05
Harry P Menozzi 1961-62 John R. Lyons 1985-86
Harold A Bergbower 2005-06
John F. Ray 1962-64 Henry J. Wilayto 1987-88
Joseph L. Alexander 2006-07
Samuel B. Moody 1964-65 Charles Bloskis 1988-89 Everett D. Reamer 2007-08
Arthur R, Bressi 1965-67 Arthur Beale 1989-90
Dr. Lester I. Tenney 2008-09
John H. LeClair 1967-69 Andy Miller 1990-91
James K . Cavanaugh 1970-71 Joseph Matheny 1991-92
Thomas A. Hackett 1971-72 George Wonneman 1992-93
Bernard A. Grill 1972-73

Front Cover of 10th Anniversary ADBC Booklet

10th Anniversary Booklet (includes Early Pictures and Group Pictures)
Review of Achievements and Early Conventions
Interesting Section called Claims to Fame on page 9 of this booklet

Original Membership Card of Thomas Bullock 1946-47

25th Pilgrimage to the Philippines

5th Annual Convention Program--Pittsburgh, PA
19th National Convention Program--Atlantic City, NJ (1964)
21st National Convention Program--Cleveland, Ohio (1966)
23rd National Convention Program-Binghamton, New York (1968)
32nd Annual Convention Program San Diego, California (1977) — Many pictures of POWs and spouses

ADBC Membership Card of Thomas Bullock 1946-47

History of ADBC-First Ten Years of News (from September,2006)

Jan. 26-1946--First Meeting of American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor held in Base Theater at Fort Devens, Mass.  80 ex-POW's present.

Jan. 29-1946--Charter drawn up in Lawyer's office at Ayer, Mass.  Ten Charter Members present.

Feb. 5, 1946--Jimmy O'Keefe's Restaurant gave dinner for ADBC, about 50 members were present at this meeting in Boston.  After the dinner everyone went to the fights at Boston Garden and later to see Sally Keith--the famous tassel dance.  A good time was had by all.

Feb. 20, 1946--E.M. Leowe gave a Sunday luncheon for 60 members at Hotel Bradford.  After lunch everyone was invited to his home.  It was a big party and a grand time was had by all.

March 30, 1946--Beatrice Kaye gave a party at Latin Quarter in Boston.  20 members were present.  Lots of fun.

March 10, 1946--Organization gave Sunday lunch at Hotel Bradford for General and Mrs. Wainwright.  About 30 members and their wives were present.  General and Mrs. Wainwright were very pleased with the progress of the organization.

March 17, 1946--A number of men were guests of the City of New York at St. Patrick's Day Parade.  It was a big day for those that went to New York.  Men were guests on the Fred Allen Show.

March 30, 1946--Ten members went to Washington, D.C. to increase the prestige of the organization.  Met with members of Congress and the Senate plus spoke with General Eisenhower about convention

April 6, 1946--First convention held at Hotel Bradford, Boston, Mass.  City gave a big parade to honor us.  No school for the children and finished up with about 1300 people being present at the Reunion and banquet.

April 20, 1946--Gold Star Mothers organization formed in Boston for all mothers whose sons died during Philippine Campaign.

June, 1946--First picnic of organization was held.  Personnel from as far away as N.M.  One of the most enjoyable times ever had by the club.

July, 1946--First permanent headquarters set up at 120 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.

August, 1946--First copy of the "Quan" put out.

Sept. 22, 1946--Survivors of 192nd Tank Battalion presented a Tank used in the Defense of Bataan to the Village of Maywood, Illinois as a Memorial.

April, 1947--Second National Convention at Boston City Club, Boston, Mass.  Hank Wilayto, National Chairman.

May, 1947--Far East Meeting held at American Club, Tokyo, Japan.  About 500 people attended.

April 8, 1948--Third National Convention, Hotel Commodore, New York City, Ray Morgan Chairman.  500 people attended.

March 14, 1949--Simme Pickman hurt in automobile accident at Waldoboro, Maine.  Suffered broken arm and leg, was laid up for months.

April 23, 1949--Mrs. Nancy Belle Norton (The Angel of Bataan) given a testimonial dinner at the Briarcliff Lodge, Lynn, Mass.  About 200 attended.

Jan. 8, 1950--Hotel Commodore, N.Y.  The New York Chapter met.  Samuel Bloom President for 1949 conducted the meeting; Mark Wohlfeld elected President for 1950.   39 members were present.  Simme Pickman was guest speaker.

Jan 29, 1950--American Legion Home, Hartford, Conn.  30 members were present and plans were made to start a Conn. Chapter.  Siegfried Schreiner elected President.

Feb. 5, 1950--Bergenfield, N.J.  Al Senna conducted meeting held at Benny Aquilina's home.  A number of ex-POW's were present.

May 5, 1950--Convention held at William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa.  Three wonderful days were spent in Pittsburgh by about 500 members who came from all over the country to enjoy this reunion.

Oct. 29, 1950--Newark N.J. State meeting of N.J. Chapter.  Mr. Myron Weiner of War Claims Commission guest speaker.

Nov. 5, 1950--Meeting at Post 25 American Legion Home, Harrisburg, Pa.  Joe Vater State Commander, conducted the meeting.

Dec. 1950--General Beebe retired after very distinguished career.

Dec. 1950--S/Sgt. Roy Brown passed away in Korea; M/Sgt. Russell Walker passed away in Washington, D.C.  Two wonderful guys--"we salute you for a job well done".

Jan. 31, 1951--Member Ernest Scott and his wife Edna were killed in an accident on their way home to Michigan from a trip to California.

April 6, 1951--Convention held at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa.  Over 500 members were present.  Lou Goldstein and James P. S. Deveraux, Brig. Gen. Ret. was guest speaker.

Sept. 20, 1951--Cpl.  Ray Young was killed in accident in Ellsworth, Maine.  He was a good friend, a good father and husband, and a very wonderful person.

May 2, 1952--National Convention held at Deshler--Wallick Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, Mike Dunn, Chairman.

May, 1953--8th National Convention, Pantlind Hotel, Grand Rapids, Mich.  Ed. Thomas, Chairman.

August 1953--Bataan and Corredigor Commission Bill passed by Congress.

Sept, 8, 1953--General Wainwright buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 25, 1953--Radio program by American Broadcasting System about Sgt. Earler and flag he carried through POW camp.

Dec. 1953--Our organization's overseas hats became available this month.  Price $4.00 each.

May, 1954--General Carlos P. Romulo opened Ninth National Convention by unveiling plaque to honor those who served and died defending Bataan and Corregidor.

Oct. 2, 1954--Williamsport, Pa, Pennsylvania Chapter had dinner and dance.  About 50 people present.

Jan. 15, 1955--New England Chapter reorganized at Hotel Bradford, Boston, Mass.  Hank Wilayto elected New England Commander.  Wives Auxiliary for New England Chapter was formed.

1955--Our organization was deeply grieved to hear of the death of our beloved Commander's wife, Mrs. Edward P. King, Jr., at Sea Island, Ga., in the spring of this year.

Early Convention Dates and Places

Early Convention and Commanders


1.  1946            Boston, Mass.               Cmdr. Harold Spooner            Bradford Hotel


2.  1947            Boston, Mass.                 Cmdr. Rev. A.D. Talbot         Boston Boys Club

                                                             and James McEvoy


3.  1948            New York City, NY            Cmdr. Gen. E.P. King, Jr.       Commodore


4.  1949            Atlantic City, NJ             Cmdr. Simme Pickman                Ambassador


5.   1950            Pittsburgh, PA              Cmdr. Simme Pickman              Wm. Penn Hotel


6.  1951            Philadelphia, PA            Cmdr. Al Senna                         Bellevue-Stratford


7.  1952            Columbus, OH                Cmdr. Al Senna                      DeSalem-Wallick


8.  1953            Grand Rapids, MI            Cmdr. Maurice Mazer               Pantlind


9.  1954            New York City, NY            Cmdr. Joseph Vater                Statler


10.  1955            Boston, Mass.                Cmdr. Joseph Vater                Bradford


11. 1956            Asheville, ND                Cmdr. Lou Goldstein               George Vanderbilt


12.  1957            Albany, NY                   Cmdr. Lou Goldstein               Sheraton Ten Eyke


13.  1958             Providence, RI             Cmdr. Al Cimine                     Sheriden Biltmore


14.  1959            Trenton, N.J.                 Cmdr. Samuel E. Bloom            Hildebrecht


15.  1960            Pittsburgh, PA              Cmdr. Ken Stull                           Hilton


16.  1961            Binghamton, NY            Cmdr. Ken Stull                         Sheraton Inn


17.  1962            Miami Beach, FL            Cmdr. Harry Menozzi                 Barcelona


18.  1963            Fort Monroe, VA            Cmdr.  John Ray                         Chamberlin


19.  1964            Atlantic City, NJ              Cmdr.  John Ray                         President Hotel


20.  1965            Washington, DC              Cmdr. Sam Moody                      Sheraton-Park


21.  1966            Cleveland, OH                Cmdr.  Art Bressi                         Statler—Hilton


22.  1967            Philadelphia, PA            Cmdr.  Art Bressi                         Sheraton Hotel


23.  1968            Binghamton, NY            Cmdr.  John Le Clair                     Sheraton Inn


24.  1969            Miami Beach, FL            Cmdr.  John Le Clair                      Barcelona


25.  1970            Atlantic City, NJ            Cmdr.  James Cavanaugh                 Claridge


26.  1971            Atlanta, GA                   Cmdr. James Cavanaugh                 Atlanta American


27.  1972            Newport, RI                  Cmdr.   Thomas Hackett                     Viking Hotel


28.  1973            Kansas City, MO            Cmdr.  Bernard Grill                           Maehlebach


29.  1974            San Antonio, TX            Cmdr.  Lou Sachwald                         El Tropicano


30.  1975            Clearwater, FL             Cmdr.  Jerry McDavitt                         Fort Harrison


31.  1976            Atlantic City, NJ            Cmdr. John Emerick                 Marlbarough-Blenheim


32.  1977            San Diego, CA            Cmdr.  Joseph Poster                          El Cortez


33.  1978            St. Louis, MO                Cmdr.  John Bennett                         Chase Park Plaza


34.  1979            Miami Beach, FL          Cmdr. James Cantwell                       Carillon


35.  1980            Pittsburgh, PA              Cmdr.  Ralph Levenberg                    William Penn


36.  1981            Las Vegas, NV               Cmdr.  Elmer Long                            Sands


37.  1982            Louisville, KY               Cmdr.   Philip Arslanian                      Galt House


38.  1983            Miami Beach, FL          Cmdr.  John Rowland                       Carillon Beach


39.  1984            Kansas City, MO            Cmdr.  John Crago                           Muelebach