Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release form captivity

Headquarters Sixth Army APO 442 Roster

The U.S. 6th Army Special Reconnaissance Unit, known as the Alamo Scouts, was a reconnaissance unit operating in the Pacific Theater during World War II. They were organized in New Guinea on November 28, 1943 for the purpose of performing investigation and raider tasks in the Southwest Pacific. They were foremost assigned to collect intelligence for the Sixth U.S. Army. In January 1945, the Alamo Scouts helped the 6th Ranger Battalion strategically during the raid on Cabanatuan. The following roster is comprised of the names of soldiers who were rescued from Cabanatuan during this raid.


APO 442

[Released from Cabanatuan Prison Philippines 30 Jan. 1945]

AC 838.6 - E                                                                                                2 February 1945

SUBJECT: Returned Prisoners of War.

TO: See Distribution

The following list of recently rescued American Prisoners of War is published as a matter of interest to the command:

Abraham, Abie Sgt 6881528 31st Inf Mrs. Fely Abraham (Wife)
Pasay Rizal, Manila PI
Adams, Don H. Pfc 20843826 200th CA Mrs. H.C. Adams (Mother)
PO Box 847 Artesia, N.M.
Addington, Ermon R. M/Sgt R-88134 Sternburg Gen Hosp Winifield S. Addington
(Father) Harrison, Idaho
Ahlschwede, William C. Pfc 17011277 Sta Hosp MD Mrs. M.C. Ahlschwede (Mother)
Thayer, Nebraska
Albee, Dean W. (Civilian with Army Transport Service)     Mrs. W.C. Albee (Mother)
Eureka, Montana
Albin, Louis B. M/Sgt R-1508020 27th Sig Mrs. Kathryn Albin (Wife)
3522 W Huston St., San Antonio, Texas
Alford, John S. Pvt 14013408 60th CAC Mrs. Etta E. Alford (Mother)
1619 East Mallory St.
Pensacola, Fla
Allan, John C.   PSX0302.5 Brit Navy Mrs. J.C. Allan (Wife)
22 Shrubbery Rd, Edmondton, London, England
Amos, Frederick C. Cap 0250131 Harbor Defence Milton E. Amos (Brother)
1107 Central St., Humboldt, Kansas
Amos, Harold M. Sgt 6939439 Med Dept., Ft. McKinley Rex Amos (Father), Afton, Iowa
Ancelet, Herman C. Pvt 19052808 Ord Avn Charles F. Ancelet (Father), Besco, Ill.
Anderson, Lloyd E. Pfc 19017224 60th CA Mr. P.E. Anderson (Father)
Rt. #1, Everett, Washington
Arnold, Harry M. Gary Sgt USMC 187451 4th Marines Glen K. Arnold (Brother)
Liberty, Mo.
Ash, Uriah S. Pvt 15070284 QM Motor Tr Mr. Arvil A. Ash (Father)
129 Abbott St., Fairmont, W. Va.
Bank, Bertram Capt AC 0354455 27th Bomb Gp Mrs. Sam Bank (Mother)
3018 Fifth St., Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Baker, Robert J. F/Sgt R720936 QMC Mrs. Elizabeth Houze
Valdosta, Ga.
Bailey, John H. Pvt 13038318 QM Port Area Mrs. Mary Sokol
502 North Palina St., Chicago, Ill.
Barber, George E. Driver 139431 Royal Army Serv Corps J.C. Barber (Father)
84 Godfrey St., Netherfield Nottingham, England
Berkel(?), William H. Pfc 6558627 MD Mrs. Edith Danforth (Aunt)
1954 57th Ave., Oakland, Calif.
Barneman, John R. Major (Chap) 0266084 60th CA Mrs. John K. Barneman (Wife)
422 Third St., Niagara Falls, NY
Barnes, Lellon Pvt 38011876 515th CA Mr. J. Barnes
Carrizoao(?), NM
Barnes, Richard H. Pfc 6283889 MC Sta Hosp Corregidor Mrs. Carolina Barnes
612 E. Dewey Place, San Antonio, Tex
Barnhardt, Floyd S/Sgt 6793906   Mrs. Elmer Johnson (Sister)
3346 Seminary Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Bary, Robert L. Civilian     Mrs. Lillian Bary (Mother) c/o
Mrs. M.G. Levinson, 1108 Conway Road, Orlando, Fla.
Barry, Louis B. Pfc 19051709 Hq Harbor Defenses CA Clara E. Barry (Mother)
PO Box 557, Louisville, KY
Bassinger, Millard L. Cpl 6222007 Btry A. 59th CA D.R. Basinger (Father)
654 E. 12th St., Pomona, Calif.
Batcheler, John F. S/sgt 6557116 21st Pur Sq Mrs. John F. Batcheler (Wife) c/o
Mrs. D.F. Wray, 90 5th St.,
Ashland, Oregon
Baxter, Melvin D. Pvt 18038676 60th CA Btry A Pat Baxter (Brother)
Sweetwater, Tex.
Beasley, Harold F. T/Sgt 6262444 28th Bomb Sq 19th Gp N.S. Beasley (Father)
Timpson, Texas
Beck, Richard P. Pfc 6669098 14th Bomb Sq Mr. H.M. Beck (Father)
1186 Oglethorpe Ave., S/W
Atlanta, Georgia
Bell, Robert Sgt 3529539 Manchester Regt, Brit Army Mrs. Ada Hirst
53 Grey St., Burnley, Lancashier, England
Bellair, Archie D. Pvt 628383 Btry B. 60th CA Regt Archie D. Bellair (Father)
Box 1574, Port Neches, Tex.
Bennett, Lee Pvt 6957050 59th CAC Mrs. Dorothy Browning (Sister)
Mound City, Mo.
Berry, Edward L. Cpl 272997 Hq 3rd Bn
4th Marines
Mrs. R. Lanquillon (Mother)
19933 Summit Dr., Topago, Cal
Bills, Otis R. CRM 3811003 US Navy Mrs. Adela Bills (Mother)
1612 E. Washington St., Phoenix, Ariz
Blair, Mason Civilian     Mrs. Alice Blair (Mother)
Onawa, Iowa
Blanchard, Lloy P. Cpl 38055577 59th CA Mrs. Rita Blanchard
1222 8th St., Port Arthur, Tex
Bliss, Raymond W. Jr. 2d Lt 0385792 59th CA Mr. Raymond W. Bliss Sr., c/o Surgeon General U.S.A.
Boatwright, Russell B. Pvt 18046446 59th CA Myrtle M. Boatwright (Mother)
Gen Del, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Boaz, Fern G. CMM 2792979 US Navy Mrs. J.J. Boaz, Glencoe, KY
Body, Robert J. Pvt 16013670 31st Inf. Mr. James Body, 4534 Brooklyn Ave., Detroit, Michigan
Boyle, James A. Pvt 18029963 7th Material Sq Mrs. Adam A. Boyle
Joshua, Texas
Booth, Vernon Civ Engrs Supply Serv Attached Army     Mrs. Ralph Cookins (Sister)
Osgood, Indiana
Bower, Clarence W. Pfc 6581175 93d Bmb Sq  Mrs. Alta Goldsberry
96 E. Main St., Mount Sterling, Ohio
Branch, Hugh E. Cpl 39601617 194th Tank Bn Mr. F.A. Branch
Box 937, Cut Bank, Montana
Braunberger, John Pvt 19020667 31st Inf Mrs. Emelia Doctor
Portland, Oregon
Bridges, Donald W. Sgt 6577943 31st Inf. Mr. R.B. Bridges
3600 San Pablo, Emeryville, Calif.
Bronk, Stanley E. F/Sgt 212053 4th Marines Mrs. A. Bronk (Mother)
3920 11th West St., Seattle, Washington
Brotherson, Lynn W. S 1/c 2342063 USN Mrs. G.L. Brotherson (Mother)
1824 W. 9th St., Erie, Pa.
Brown, Julian B. S/Sgt 7084639 803d Engrs Mrs. Laura E. Brown (Mother)
Madison, Fla. Box 264
Brown, Harry M. (Braun, Harry M.) 1st Lt 0379525 Gen Hosp #1 Mrs. Harry M. Brown, Brownsburg, Indiana
Browning, Paul M. Pfc 6820900 MD Hosp #1 Robert M. Browning (Brother)
54 Maple St., Princeton, NJ
Brown, Chester J. Sgt 19056654 Med Dept Surg O Philippine Dept Henry H. Brown
502 W. Fourth St., Trenton, Mo.
Bryant, Preston L. Pfc 7060441q Hq Co, CA Mrs. Edna Bryant (Mother)
Blue Springs, Nebraska
Buchanan, Charles E. Pvt 7008835 48th Material Sqdn Mrs. John F. Buchanan (Mother)
2426 Washington St., Vicksburg, Miss.
Burks, Joe C. Pvt 18036499 MD Mrs. Floyd Brown
Dumas, Texas
Burnes, Edward A. Sgt 17025753 MD Ft. McKinley Donald J. Burnes (Brother)
Bowman, North Dakota
Burson, Curtis Capt 0354804 MD 515 CA Mrs. Curtis Burson (Wife)
4511 West 29 Ave., Denver, Colorado
Burtz, John Store Keeper
1st Cl
  USN Mrs. Mary Jager (Sister)
1121 Negley St., Farrell, Pa.
Bumgardner, Earl G. Lt Navy   16th Naval District Mrs. Earl G. Bumgardner (Wife)
34 Camles Ave., Yonkers, NY
Burgess, Frank H. 2d Lt QMC 0375128 Phil Motor Transp Bataan Mrs. M.A. Burgess (Wife)
4094 Highland Ave., San Diego, Calif.
Burke, Robert G. 1st Lt 0890099 Motor Tranp Serv QMC Mrs. Harriet Gertrude Burke (Wife)
Quyon, Quebec, Canada
Burke, Joseph F. F 2/Cl 4133883 USN Mrs. Margrat M. Burke (Mother)
42 Jordan Ave., San Francisco, Calif.
Byrne, Patrick R. Cpl R1199553 28th Material Sq AC Nell Grayson (Cousin)
5505 West Adams, Chicago, Ill.
Cebreira, Benjamin Pfc 39082300 MD Sternberg GH Mrs. Rose Cabreira
Waiakia Mill Store, Hilo, Hawaii
Campbell, Roger D. S/Sgt 30842384 200th CA MD Mrs. Daisy Burnett (Mother)
711 West Marble, New Mexico
Carlsson, Carl A. Pfc 6910003   Christina Carlsson (Mother)
444 E. 149th St., Bronx, New York
Chamberlain, Clifton H. 2d Lt 0389545 59th CA  Mrs. C.H. Chamberlain (Mother)
Marlin, Texas
Chapman, Richard S. Cpl 6150017 Gen Hosp #1 Mrs. M.P. Chapman (Mother)
The Maples, Guilford, Conn.
Chavez, Ben T. Pvt 38012450 200 CA Mr. Demetrio Chavez (Father)
Seboyeta, New Mexico
Chavez, David A. S/Sgt 20842397 200th CAA (AA) Mrs. E.M. Chavez (Mother)
1417 Trujillo Rd. Albuquerque, NM
Chavez, Joe D. Pvt 38012244   Mr. Louie S. Chavez (Father)
614 N. Third St., Belen, NM
Chenoweth, Merwyn D. Pvt 19052574 698 Ord Avn Mr. A.D. Chenoweth
Red Hat Serv Sta, Grass Valley, Calif.
Choate, Bruce M. Pvt 20843742 200 CA Mrs. G.C. Choate (Mother)
5324 Kavanaugh, Little Rock, Ark.
Clark, Eugene C. Pfc 17011544 PI Med Dept Mrs. Arthur Clark (Mother)
1121 Peach St., Lincoln, Nebraska
Clark, Worden E. Civilian (US Govt Employee Corregidor)   Employee Mrs. Grace Stewart (Sister)
540 Wisconsin Ave., Wisconsin
Claxton, William C. T/Sgt 6551735 Gen Hosp #1 Det MD Ross O. Neill
1943 W. 39th Place, Los Angeles, Calif.
Cleaves, Nathan H.W. WOJG   Hq Luzon Force AGD Mrs. Charles L. Knight (Sister)
21 Godman St., Portland, Maine
Clements, Earnest E. Sgt 6374744 31st Inf Miss Ellis Taylor (Aunt)
Wrens, Georgia
Clow, George N. F/Sgt 6884361 28th Mat Sq Tavia Clow (Mother)
Box 72, Omaha, Ill.
Cobb, Julius W. Pfc 18000963 34th Pur Sq Mandell Cobb (Mother)
2316 West Bijou St., Colorado Springs, Colo.
Colman, Homer J. Capt 0358918 57th Inf Mrs. Nellie Colman
319 Colorado Ave., Grand Junction, Colorado
Commander, Eugene C. M/Sgt 170402 4th Marines Marie Commander (Wife)
3969 8th Ave., San Diego, Calif.
Connacher, Peter Pvt 19015775 PMTD Mrs. J.W. Massey (Sister)
832 SW Evan, Portland, Oregon
Cook, John M. Pfc 18021134 MD McKinley Irma Cook (Mother)
Rt 1 San Marco, Texas
Cooney, Floyd W. S/Sgt 6664610 60th CA Mrs. Lorana Cooney (Mother)
112 South 8th St., Newcastle, Indiana
Copeland, Clifton E. Sgt 265728 4th Marine Div Mr. E.V. Copeland (Father)
Indianola, Mississippi
Coull, David A. Pfc 6978282 19th Air Base S.Q.D. Mrs. Helen Coull
412 Main Ave., Atlantic City, NJ
Courtney, Lawrence H. Pvt 16008539 59th CA Mrs. Mathilda Courtney
10th St., Monroe, Wisconsin
Cowan, James H. Pfc 19028704 19th Bmb Grp Mrs. Mandie Pennington (Sister)
Fullerton, Calif.
Cox, Lorne B. Pfc 19020981 St Hosp Fort Mills, Corregidor John D. Cox (Father)
515 W. Jackson St., Medford, Ore.
Coy, Sidney Pfc 35100658 194th Tank Bn Mrs. Anna Willis
1743 W. Oak, Louisville, KY
Craycroft, Richard C. Sgt 6914346 Hq Sq 27 Bomb Gp Mrs. S.C. Craycroft (Mother)
Box 115, Vine Grove, KY
Crocker, Frederick W. Sgt 6355453 60th CA Mrs. George H. Epton Jr. (Sister)
Spartanburg, SC
Culp, John N. Sgt 7000450 16 Bmb Sq 27 Gp Mrs. Grace Culp (Wife)
State Line, Mississippi
Cunliffe, John  Pvt 3526013 1st Manchester Regt Mrs. Cunliffe (Mother)
3 Bibby St Openshaw Manchester Lanco, England
Damon, Howard F/Sgt 6130291 59th CA Charles Damon (Father)
Norway, Minn.
Daniel, Claude P. 1st Lt 0400963 27 Bomb Grp Prov Air Corps Regt Mrs. Claude Daniel
Bogalusa, Louisiana
Darling, George E. Sgt 20842499 200th CAC (AAA) Mrs. Nellie Darling (Mother)
1100 8th St., Deming, New Mexico
Davis, William E. Cpl 6396247 Bat C, 60th CA E.R. Davis (Father)
909 Sunset St., Medford, Oregon
Decker, Robert L. Pfc 17012220 60th CA Mrs. Opal Angel (Mother)
1301 Allison Ave., Omaha, Nebraska
Dellar, Stanley A. Gnr 864009 135 Fld Reg RA Mrs. Stanley A. Dellar (Wife)
22 Stevnage Rd., Hitchin Harts Engl.
De Vore, Quentine P. Cpl 18000771 7th Material Sq Mrs. R.W. De Vore, Wray, Colo.
Dillard, Everett R. GTM   U.S. Navy Mrs. Everett R. Dillard (Wife)
89 Mabini St., Caridad, Cavite
Diaorway, Wilbur M/Sgt 6873562 28 Bomb Sq 19 Gp L.H. Gallagher (Niece)
20 Mill Rd., Hampton, Va.
Distel, George T/Sgt R2337338 Sternberg Gen Hosp A. G. O. Washington, DC
Dobrinic, Matt Capt 0339314 31 Inf Div Mrs. Mary Dobrinic
Taylor Springs, Ill.
Drummond, Orville E. 1st Sgt 20843552 515 CA Mrs. Agnes Drummond (Mother)
118 Reid St., Clovis, NM
Drown, Jearuld J. MM 1/C 3161814 U.S. Navy Charlette Drown (Wife)
2206 India St., San Diego, Calif.
Duckworth, James W. Col 05443 Gen Hosp No. 1 Mrs. James W. Duckworth (Wife)
101 Cervantes Blvd., SF, Calif.
Dugan, John E. Pfc 19013451 Fin Dept Mrs. Ruth Evans (Sister)
1704 Kenwood Ave., Springfield, Ohio
Dugan, John J. Chap 0348200 Phil Div William F. Dugan (Brother)
41 Hinckley Rd., Milton, Mass.
Duncan, Robert J. Capt 0890108 71 Inf Phil Army 91 Div Mrs. Robert Duncan (Wife)
3509 Mission St., SF, Calif.
Duncan, William J. 2d Lt 0890425 65 Sep Train Mrs. W.P. Duncan (Mother)
Pelahatchia, Miss.
Duncan, William W. Pvt 13015222 Sig Co Air Warning Mrs. Lilly F. Duncan (Mother)
Troutville, Va
Dusich, Jacob (NMI) S/Sgt R2443462   Fousta Dusich (Wife)
74 Riverside St., San Francisco, Delmonte Quozon, PI
Dunn, George O. Sgt 20918481 Gen Hosp #1 Mrs. Beulah Dunn (Mother)
415 Vine St., Riverside, Calif.
Easley, Cecil E. Pfc 1 8043101 440 Ord Avn Cecil E. Easley (Father)
2611 Brighurst St., Houston, Tex
Easterwood, Elbert Pvt 18029855 7 Material Sq Mrs. O.M. Easterwood (Mother)
Weatherford, Tex
Easton, Chester J. Pfc 345877 US AC 4th Marines Mrs. Mabel Prask (Sister)
5033 W. 113th(?) St., Englewood, Calif.
Easton, Ted D. Cpl 19050501 19 Bmb Sq Mrs. N. Easton (Mother)
2431 Wallgrove Ave., Venice, Calif.
Ellis, Ralph E. CWO W2101191 Hq Phil Dept Surg Mrs. Lillie M. Ellis (Wife)
114 Broadbent Ave., San Antonio, Texas
Ellsworth, Frank C. Civilian     Mrs. Ruth Ellsworth (Wife)
213(?) La Verne Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Elkins, Carno R. Pvt 18050036 59th CA Mrs. Myrtle Elkins (Mother)
Tuskaloosa, Okla.
Elms, John T. Pvt 19050685 19th Bmb Grp Mrs. W.C. Elms (Mother)
Box 1027 Shafter(?), Calif.
Embree, Joseph Civilian with Civil Service QM Corps (Corregidor) Asst Chief Operating Engineer)     Mrs. Embree (Wife)
109 Grove St., Silver Spring, Maryland
Engerset, Knut (NMI) Lt   U.S. Navy Mrs. Fannie Engerset (Wife)
P.O. Box 495, San Pedro, Calif.
Englin, Milton Sgt 247731 4th Marine Mrs. E.O. Englin
2536 Queen, Seattle, Washington
Erickson, Hjalmar A. Lt Comd   USJR(?)
Navy Yard Cavite
Mrs. Helen Erickson
510 S. ___ Ave., Monterey Fork, Los Angeles, Calif.
Esperidion, Architeque T/5 20842359 MD 515 CA Mrs. Marcelie Archileque (Wife)
810 W. Pacific Ave., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Evers, Eugene H. Pvt 37041807 Sta Hosp
Mr. Henry J. Evers
301 Rockville St., Dyersville, Iowa
Farrell, Julius D. Sgt 19013522 Sternberg Gen Hosp Daniel(?) Farrell (Father)
Fassoth, William
Fassoth, Wilson (handwritten in)
Civilian     Mrs. Anna Fassoth (Mother)
Fay, Burnice L. Pvt 38012602(?)   (Mother)
Towner Ave., Albuquerque, NM
Fields, Albert Lt Col DC 011505 Gen Hosp #2 Bataan Mrs. Albert Fields (Wife) 306 E. 7th St., Coffeyville, Kansas
Flowers, Travis W. Pvt 34113768 803d Engrs Mrs. C.A. Flowers (Mother)
Scranton, NC
Floyd, Lloyd I. Capt 0338077 VMF Mrs. E.E. Floyd
Enterprise, Oregon
Fogerson, Jack D. S/Sgt 38012307 515 CA Mrs. Zeph Fogerson (Mother)
808 Mitchel St., Clovis, NM
Foley, Seaton 1st Lt 090007 USAFFE Engrs Mrs. Ethel Foley, American Internment Cp, St. Thomas, Manila, P.I. Add Rel: Mrs. Clara Seaton (Mother), 217 Hillcrest Dr., San Rafael, Calif.
Fonseca, Nelson P. Pvt 19002654 693d Avn Ord Mr. Phillip Fonseca (Father)
379 San Jose Ave., San Jose, Calif.
Ford, Virgil Sgt 20842473 200 CA Hq Btry Mrs. I.L. Ford
220 N 3rd St., Memphis, Tex.
Farrell, Alfred E. Pvt 32107688 803 Avn Engr Mrs. Allis Lang (Mother)
16 Smith St., East Rockaway, NY
Forrest, Dale E. Pfc 290296 4th Marines Mrs. Verne E. Forrest (Mother)
Richmond, Calif.
Fouth, Ray H. Civilian     Mrs. Ray Fouts (Wife)
2328 O'Donnel St., Manila, P.I.
Franchini, Frank M. Pfc 38012298 200th CA Mrs. O. Franchini (Mother)
615 N. Second St., Albuquerque, New Mexico
French, Walter O. Sgt 18018190 60th CAC Mr. Shelby L. French, Gen Del
Hardy, Ark.
Fultz, Gordon C. Pvt 33081595 803 Eng Mrs. Delphine Fultz (Mother)
716 Powell Ave., Cresson, Pa.
Galce, William E. Civilian   US Engrs Dept No Relatives
Gaston, Fred C. M/Sgt R157537 Gen Hosp #1 Mrs. Fred C. Gaston, YWCA(?) Hotel, 351 Turd St., SF, Cal.
Gavin, George J. T/Sgt 6931581 Med Dept Sternburg Gen Hosp Mrs. Julian Gavin (Mother)
646 W. 11th St., Dubuque, Iowa
Gatewood, Roy A. S/Sgt 17014966 194th Tank Bn Floris Gatewood (Mother)
Elijah, Mo.
Green, James A. Lt Col No ASN P.I. Constab. Mrs. James A. Green (Wife)
Bontoc, Mt. Province, P.I.
Greenaway, Virgil H. Pvt 14046209 60th CA Mr. Owen D. Moore (Friend)
170 Overton St., Old Hickory, Tenn.
Greigo, Sipriano Pfc 20482361 200 CA AA Mr. Demetrio Greigo (Father)
Rt 1, Box 907, Albuquerque, NM
Guice, Robert L. Sgt 6383850 AC Det Weather Mrs. Harvey Guice (Mother)
Heflin, La.
Guth, Frederick W. T/Sgt R977104 MD Sta Hosp
Ft. Mills
Mrs. Lena Meinaken (Sister)
Whitmore, Calif.
Guthridge, Allen W. Pfc 6589251 33 QM Trk Bn Co "C" Mrs. A.W. Gutridge (Mother)
2250 16th St., Baker, Oregon
Hagstrom, Glen Cpl 19006224 59th CA MD Miss Joan F. Hagstrom (Daughter)
c/o Mrs. S.D. Alexander
1020 Summit Blvd, Spokane 11, Wash.
Haines, William L. 2d Lt 0890125 32d Inf (P.A.) Mrs. Harry M. Haines (Mother)
14 So Richhill St., Waynesburg, Pa.
Hall, Clarence G. Pvt 2433799 59th C.A. Mrs. C. Bateman (Sister)
Grand Crossing, Fla.
Hall, Farley B. Pvt 15017069 59th C.A. Mrs. B.C. Hall (Mother)
3612 Orchard Ave., Huntington, W. Va.
Hall, Howard G. Pfc 14045085   Mrs. H.L. Hall (Mother)
Haleyville, Ala.
Hall, Lawrence C. Pfc 19043539 31 Inf (Med) Mr. Matt Hall (Father)
Jellico, Tenn.
Hallen, David AC-1 1194446 RAF Gladys H. Hallen (Wife)
58 Portland Ave., Bolsover, Chesterfield Derby, England
Ham, Ralph Erman Chief Red USN 703861 US Navy Librada Tertes Ham (Wife)
San Karciso, Yamballas, PI
Hannah, Almer F. T/Sgt 6859750 5th AB Grp Mrs. Effie Hannah (Mother)
12 Parker Eldg, Libert, Mo.
Harrison, Arthur J. M/Sgt 38012689 CA Bn Mrs. Caroline Harrison (Mother)
246 Roosevelt Ave., Fresno, Calif.
Harrison, William E. Pvt 19019484 QMC HD Mrs. Alma C. Harrison (Mother)
Box 553, Bozeman, Mont.
Hay, Cecil H. Cpl 6238530 Co F, 31 Inf Mrs. Enisikes (Sister)
107 Agnes St., Marlin, Texas
Hayes, Albert Pvt 38012335 200th C.A. Mrs. Ada Hayes (Mother)
Lawrenceburg, New Mexico
Hedrick, Richard F. 1st Lt 0890101 QMC Transp Mrs. P.M. Hedrick (Wife)
228 Dominga Pasay, Manila
Heeley, George W. Pvt 5830799 1st Cambridgeshire Regt (British) Mrs. F. Butcher (Mother)
8 Victoria Rd. Rood End
Oldbury, Birmingham, Eng.
Heflin, Cecil D. S/Sgt 7002780 91st Bmb Grp Mrs. James G. Heflin (Mother)
Lake, Miss.
Henderson, Dean V. Pvt 19010908 59th CA Mrs. Clara Henderson (Mother)
Gooding, Idaho
Henry, Joseph R. Pfc 1902723 MP Co 808 Mrs. Ina Henry
815 Coweeman St., Kelso, Wash.
Herron, Joseph E. BM 2/c 33211241 US Navy Mrs. John Herron
Preston, Iowa
Herzog, Herbert H. Pfc 13013426 AW Co Sig Mrs. Isabel Herzog
907 Ling St., Akron, Ohio
Hibbs, Ralph E. Capt 0345051 31st Inf Mr. Newton J. Hibbs (Father)
129 K Ave. East Oskaloosa, Iowa
Hickey, Charles J. Pvt 19020784 59th CA Mrs. Alice Hickey (Mother)
412 N. Sacramento St., Portland, Ore.
Hildebrand, James M. Pvt 16034454 16 Bmb Sqd 27 Gp Mrs. H.L. Hildebran
7108 S. Stewart Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Hill, Robert Maj 0890016 HPD O. of Eng Mrs. Elisa R. Hill (Wife)
Sto. Thomas University, Manila P.I.
Hilshorst, Arthur L. Pvt 19006303 59th CA Mrs. Edith Hilshorst
Box 350 RFD 13 Mt. Washington, Ohio
Hoblit, Roy D. S/Sgt 6570502 28th Material Sq Mrs. Wilson Hoblit (Mother)
Gainsville, Texas
Holland, Raymond F. Pfc 14014453 27 Bomb Grp 92 Sqd Mrs. Anna B. Holland
Star Route, Deland, Fla.
Holt, Troy E. Pvt 6561298 808th MP Mr. David R. Holt (Father)
Fayetteville, Ark.
Hoover, Oliver E. M/Sgt R129805 7th Material Sq Mrs. Dorothy Ann Hoover (Wife)
6015 1/2 Middleton St., Huntington Park, Calif.
Howe, Robert J. Sgt 6902131 QM Mrs. C.W. Grice (Aunt)
129 Summit St., Batavia, New York
Howell, Elmer S/Sgt 0316807 59th CA Btry C Army Relief Society
Hubbard, Ralph W. Maj 0300243 Gen Hosp #2 Mrs. Grace Hubbard (Wife)
1501 E. 11th St., Okla. City, Okla.
Huntley, John P. Civilian     Vera Huntley (Wife)
7100 Edocta(?) Manila, P.I.
Mrs. S.F. Huntley (Mother) 218 N. Hamilton St., Hope, Ark.
Hutchins, Hale L. Civ with Army Transport Serv     Mr. H.R. Hutchins (Father)
955 11th E. St., Salt Lake City, Utah
Jensen, Charles C. Pfc 36016217 192 Tank Mrs. Jennie Jensen
6830 S. Justine St., Chicago, Ill.
Johnson, Melvin M. T/Sgt 6791197 Ord Dept Mrs. Lydia Johnson (Mother)
Route 1 Box 8, Biggs, Calif.
Johnson, Olin W. S/Sgt 20843479 200th CA Mrs. Olin W. Johnson (Wife)
1425 Geddings St., Clovis, NM
Johnston, Melvin T. 1st Lt 0322424 P.I. Med Depot Mrs. Christina Johnston
1229 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Johnston, Robert D. Lt Col 018498 Hq VMF Mrs. Robert D. Johnston
891 Benning Blvd, Columbus, Ga.
Jolly, Alfred C. Pvt 19052940 12th Med Regt Ryan Maida (Mother)
990 Fulton St., Apt 305, SF, Calif.
Jones, Osborne     US Navy (Not obtainable)
Jones, Roy C. Jr. Pfc 1900763 Harbor Defense Mr. Roy C. Jones (Father)
200 N. Highland Ave., Visalia, Calif.
Jones, Vernon C. Pvt 6578579 59th CA Mrs. W.F. Everett (Mother)
Laurel St., Alameda, Calif.
Jornogin, Willie C. Pvt 36050929 200 CA AA Miss Maggie Burrow
426 E. Market St., Peoria, Ill.
Johnson, Edward Pvt 36016624 31st Inf (Med) Mrs. Axel Johnson
5214 N. Kimbell Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Jackson, Loyd A. Pvt 37055827 31st Inf Charles Jackson (Father)
Holcomb, Mo.
Jackson, Paul Pay Clerk   US Navy Mrs. Almo L. Jackson (Wife)
3469 Brayton Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Jeffries, Irsa L. Pfc 6994446 194th Tank Bn Mrs. Virginia Sue Jeffries (Mother)
Marlinton, W. Va.
Jenkins, Clyde S. Civ. Contractor   Pacific Naval Air Base Mrs. Iola Jenkins (Wife)
6047 Lorelei Ave., Bellflower, Calif.
Jennings, Jack H. 1st Lt 336604 34th Sqdn Mrs. Helen Jennings (Wife)
423 Pine St., Sausalito, Calif.
Kain, Walter Louis CBM   US Navy Emily L. Kain (Mother)
2002 Rock-Rose Ave., Baltimore, Md.
Kallus, Edward J. Lt Col MC 15494 Gen Hosp #1 Bataan, Luzon Mrs. Roselie Kallus (Mother)
Caldwell, Texas
Kane, George W. 1st Lt 0311602 27 Bomb Gp Hq Sq Mrs. Everetta E. Kane (Wife)
1200 Van Buren St., SW, Atlanta, Ga.
Kauffman, Vernice Pfc 33081016 803d Engrs Mrs. Bela Kauffman (Mother)
Fayetteville, Pa.
Katrones, Gust S/Sgt R908618 17th Pur Sqdn Mrs. Mary Katrones (Wife)
3567 Taft Ave. Exchange Pasay, Rizal, Manila, PI
Katz, Charles Joseph Capt 0358270 Gen Hosp #2 Mrs. Anna Katz
133 N. Scoville Ave., Oak Park, Ill.
Keating, Dennis M. Pfc 6013903 4th Bn Suffolk Regt (British A) Mrs. M. Keating (Mother)
294 Cranbrook Rd., 16 Fordessex Eng.
Keays, Hugh Civ     Mrs. D.L. Keays
2366 Nobel Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Keller, Herman J. Pvt 19017537 31st Inf Mrs. W.J. Keller (Mother)
Pincola, North Carolina
Kellogg, Richard C. Pvt 19003751 MD Gen Hosp Mr. Erwin Kellogg (Father)
c/o Kellogg Seed Co., Salinas, Calif.
Kelly, Charles R. Navy (Retired)     Manica Kelley (Wife)
Baki, Cam Sur, PI
Kelly, John D. Sgt Major 84607 4th Marine Div Mrs. Kathryn N. Kelly (Wife)
2689 Narcissus Drive, San Diego, Calif.
Keithley, Marcus L. T/Sgt 6799100 24 Purs Grp Heavy Julia Keithley (Wife)
Oakford, Ill.
Kelsey, Paul V. 2d Class Baker   US Navy Elias I. Kelsey (Father)
Suffern, NY
Kennedy, Hugh Francis SJ 1st Lt 0890547 Chap. Cotobato Davao Force Mindonne John J. Kennedy (Father)
Scarsdale Manor Apts
Scarsdale, Westchester County, NY
King, Arnold H. S/Sgt 6824019 20 Pur Sq Miss Eunice King (Sister)
108 W. 8th Ave., Hutchinson, Kansas
King, Ben B. Capt 0275671 59 CA Mrs. Ben B. King (Wife)
Austin Nat Bank, Austin, Texas
Kinnison, Logan V. Sgt 6932529 Med Dept Mrs. William H. Yordy (Sister)
Rt. #1, Lincoln, Nebr.
Kippen, William Sgt R546357 2d Obs Sq Mrs. Anna Beckermann (Sister)
1 0329 Yale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
Kirkpatrick, Wm. H. Pvt 19015663 Btry A. 69 CA Mrs. W. Kirkpatrick (Mother)
1497 1/2 Franklin Blvd, Eugene, Oregon
Klein, Dutch Sgt 92404 Dutch Army Mrs. G.H. Klein
Buitenzorg, Java
Knapp, Joseph T. S/Sgt 6825107 228 Sig Op Mrs. V.M. Karpiak (Sister)
505 3rd St., Fairport Harbor, Ohio
Knapp, Raymond H. Capt 0278892 12th QM Mrs. Raymond H. Knapp (Wife)
259 Genesoa(?) Rd., San Antonio, Texas
Knoblock, William F. Civilian (Geurilla Warfare, Uriga, Camarnesur (Camarines Sur?), PI)     Esperanza P. Knoblock (Wife)
c/o Egreta Estrade, Uriga, Camarnesur, PI
Korrocks, Samuel M. Pfc 19052602   Mrs. G.P. Korrocks (Mother)
882 Aileen St., Oakland, Calif.
Kreiger, Thomas J. CBM   U.S. Navy Anna Kreiger (Sister)
Spring City, Pa.
Kringler, Orvin G. WT 2/c 3283369 USS Mindanao Mrs. Henry Klapper
West Bend, Iowa
Kyllo, Charles B. S/Sgt 6571(?)399 5 Air Bs Gp Mrs. C.B. Kyllo (Wife)
543 E. 6th, So Salt Lake City, Utah
Lambert, William H. Sgt 6828138 31 Inf Med Stephen A. Lambert Sr. (Father)
Rt. 2, Ft.Meyers, Fla.
Lane, Sylvester G. T/Sgt 6466776 MC Det. Div Pgt or AC Bataan, PI Mrs. Eliz Lane
1012 York St., Newport, KY
Lash, William J. Pvt 15017281 Hq Hq Co Harbor Def Mrs. Edna A. Lash (Mother)
163 E. 337 St., Willoughby, O.
Lawrence, Walter B. Pvt 6935942 20 Air Bs Gp Mrs. Zylpha Lawrence (Mother)
5092 Pearl St., Sioux City, Iowa
La Victaire, Issac Newton Sr. Lt.   US Navy Res
Canacao Naval Hosp
Mrs. Daisy Harder La Victaire (Wife)
Pigeon Huron County, Mich.
Lawton, Dale E. F/Sgt 20645199 192d T.B. Troy W. Lawton (Father)
Mineral Point, Wis.
Laycock, Marvin R. Pvt 39150967 59th CA Edith Laycock (Mother)
Libertybell, Ill.
Layton, George H. Cpl 5932877 2d Bn Cambridgeshire Regt Mr. F. Leyton (Father)
195 New-Barns Ave., Ely, Cambridgeshire, Eng.
Leasum, Charles Capt 0274784 45 Inf Herman Leasum (Brother)
Stergon Bay, Wisc
Leek, Gerome B. Pvt 20916717 60th CAC Aton Schoone
2d Cuson Rancho Nicasio Marshall, Calif.
Laira, Bgarne P. Civ     Mrs. Pitrins Ledra
Borrgudv 25, Alesund, Norway
Lamley, Vincent A. Pvt 19020604 59 C.A.C. Mrs. Thersa (Theresa?) Fouts (Grandmother)
202 So 1 Livingston, Montana
Lev, Norman Pfc 36016591 19th Bmb Grp Mrs. Fannie Lev
5023 N. Lawndale Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Lewis, Charles F. 1st Lt 0403040 88th FA Mrs. Charles F. Lewis (Mother)
3684 Redmond Rd., Oakland, Calif.
Lewis, Robert B. Capt 021039 Hosp #2 Mrs. Robert Lewis
2 Stonybrook Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Light, Jesse W. Civ   Const Pacific Naval Air Base Augustina Light (Wife)
1763 Felix Heurtas, Manila
Lillard, J.M. Pvt 38040873 192 Tank Bn Mrs. Ethel Lillard (Mother)
Caddo, Okla.
Limbaugh, Joseph M. Pvt 16013513 60th CA Mrs. Anna Limbaugh (Mother)
201 S. Saginaw St., Owosso, Mich.
Limpart, Daniel 2d Lt 0890155 515 CA Mr. D.C. Limpart (Father)
209 S Walter, Alberquerque, NM
Locke, Sanford L. Pfc 6948287 60th CAC  Mrs. Ida L. Locke (Mother)
240 Chestnut St., Suffolk, Va.
Lucas, John L. Capt 790477 Engr Dept Phil Dept Ebilin Lucas (Daughter)
220 16 St. N West, Washington, D.C.
Lundblad, Eric N.F. CWO   Master Army Mine Planter Serv 91 CA Mrs. Florence Lundblad (Wife)
1497 Valencia St., SF, Calif.
Lunnie, Francis M. 1st Lt 3705075 Gen Hosp #2 Mrs. John Lunnie
Concord, VT
Macholl, Louis G. Pfc 12025274 59 CA Clara Macholl (Mother)
Pleasant Valley, Mancellus, NY
Machovic, Burney T/Sgt R954211 Hq Harb Def CAC Nora Lesquien (Sister)
40 Paulison Ave., Ridgefield Park, NJ
Maker, Gilbert W. Pvt 6150578 E. Surrey Regt British Army Mrs. F. Maker (Wife)
63 Cotl(?) Rd., Morden, Surrey, England
Malon, Stanislaus Sgt 6152378 803 Engr Mrs. Mary Malor (Aunt)
21 Pleasant St., Salem, Mass.
Manson, Emmet T. 1st Lt  Navy  3d Bn Dental Mrs. Emmet T. Manson (Wife)
Worthington, Minn.
Markham, Herbert S. L Sgt 5776749 Brit Army Chas. H. Markham (Father)
74 Exeter Rd., Sherwood Rise, Nottingham, England
Martin, George T. Pvt 5774706 Royal Norfolk Regt Mrs. Lana Martin (Wife)
29 Devonshire Rd., Chorley, Lancastershire, England
Mason, Thomas Jr.   747330 Harbor Def Thos(?) Mason, Elkland, Pa.
McCarthy, James B CY 2615157 U.S. Navy Mrs. Marie McCarthy (Wife)
925 West End Ave., New York
McCarty, John A. Pvt 38030929 200 CA Mrs. Cara McCarty (Mother)
Henly, Texas
McAlpin, Clovis W. QM 1/c 3559810 U.S. Navy  Dr. W.T. McAlpin (Father)
Box 482, Gilmer, Texas
McCoy, Max H. CY 3715885 16 Nav Dist Mrs. Elsie K. McCoy (Wife)
Sta Hosp, San Louis Obispo, Cal.
McGlason, Chester   6652774 PI QM Dept  Carl Lee (Nephew)
3313 Watson Ave., Latonia, KY
McHale, George Pfc 6938967 Gen Hosp #1 Mrs. H. McHale
5703 Ohio Ave E. St. Louis Ill.
McKinley, Paul S. Sgt 6550387 Med Det Ft Mills Mr. Wm. O. McKinley
7608 NE Rodney Ave., Portland, Ore.
McKewen, Charles E. Sgt R1285653 4 Cml Co Avn Mrs. E. Culbertson (Sister)
118 Hudson St., Ithica, NY
McNeil, Wilson R. Capt 0225430 Gen Hosp #1 Bataan Mrs. Margaret J. McNeil (Wife)
312 1/2 "D" Ave., Lawton, Okla.
McNeilly, Elmer A. Civ   US Navy Russell Lewis (Cousin)
23 Kingsley St., W Orange, NJ
McPherson, Eldred I. Sgt 6504021 QM Air Base Nichols Fld Mildred N. McPherson (Sister)
Fortuna, Calif.
McWilliam, Leslie Civ   Army Transport Serv Robert McWilliam (Brother)
Engr Supt Stanhope SS Co
Cheltennam, Gloster, Eng.
Memmler, Harold W. Pvt 36033964 31st Inf Mrs. H.R. Memmler (Mother)
1523 N Long Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Menges, Leonard E. Civ   US Engr Dept Corregidor Mrs. Matilda Menges (Wife)
Manila, PI
Miller, Edward E. S/Sgt 6808389 Med Dept Sternberg Gen Hosp Mrs. J.W. Boward (Sister)
1033 Concord St., Hagerstown, Md.
Miller, Donald H. 2d Lt 0413476 3d Pur Sq Mrs. Avis Miller Hughes
8959 San Juan Ave., S Gate, Calif.
Miller, J.B. Pfc 38029418 192d Tank Bn Mr. Tom Miller (Father)
1700 Waco Ave., Brownwood, Tex.
Miller, Walter A M/Sgt   Vet Serv Med Dep Mrs. Walter A. Miller (Wife)
Los Angeles, Calif.
Mitchell, Clarence O. Pvt 18043100 440 Ord Mrs. Maggie Head (Mother)
Rt. 4, Huntsville, Texas
Mize, Kenneth W. S/Sgt 199721 4th Bn 4th Regt USMC F.B. Mize (Father)
Beattle, Kansas
Moen, Norman E. Pvt 19050845 93 Bmb Sq Mrs. Hans Moen (Mother)
1205 4th Ave. W. Kalispell, Mt.
Monroe, Robert H. CMM   USN Motor Torpedo Sq #3 S.J. Monroe (Father)
Box 44, Jamesburg Rt. Monterey, Calif.
Moores, John A. Pfc 17018734 Med Dept Ft. Mills Mrs. Rudolph Felton (Mother)
Woodbine, Iowa
Moore, Lee W. Pvt 18001751 59th CA Mrs. Roy Moore (Mother)
907 N 3d St. Joseph, Mo.
Morin, J.E.A. 1st Cl Pettg.   US Navy Ernest Morin (Brother)
Denver, Mass.
Mortiz, Melvin C. F 2/c 3859231 USN Mrs. Ruth Mortiz
Sedaowooley (Sedro-Woolley?), Washington
Morris, Roy Pvt 15065799 60th CAC Mrs. Mary Morris (Mother)
6 W 28th St., Covington, KY
Mortimer, Chas. G. S/Sgt 6770539 34 Purs. Sq Essie B. Mortimer (Wife)
106 Virginia Ave., Crewe, Va.
Muelman, Casper Sgt 85928 Royal Mil Acad, Java Mrs. Antje Muelman (Wife)
Greenestraat 53, Utrecht Holland
Musselman, Merle M. 1st Lt 0380941 Prov FA Brig Mrs. Merle M. Mussellman (Wife)
414 S. 39th(?) St., Nebraska City, Nebr.
Nateswa, Paul R. Cpl 38012699 515 CA Mrs. Ruth R. Day (Sister)
Seama, New Mexico
Neault, Richard L. S/Sgt 6138363 DEW(?) Mrs. Walter Quinette (Mother)
Summit Ave., Adam, Mass.
Newman, James E. Pvt 6282925 31 Inf. Co. A Mrs. O.P. Newman
3749 Galvey St., Ft. Worth, Texas
Normandy, Edward Civilian     Edward Normandy Jr. (Son)
381 Tezeren Sta Ana, Manila
Novak, Charles G. Sgt 6068048 60 CA Mrs. Margaret Fritz (Sister)
2735 E. Pacific St., Phila., Pa.
Ogg, James T. Pvt 19050363 19 Bomb Gp Clarence R. Ogg (Father)
5841(?) El Rio, Los Angeles, Calif.
Oliver, Alfred C. Jr. Col 09678 Chaplain Hq
Luzon Force
Mrs. A.C. Oliver (Wife)
1220 Floral St. NW, Washington, D.C.
O'Keefe, Eugene J. 1st Lt 0890439 61 FA Regt Eugene J. O'Keefe (Father)
224 Walton Rd., So. Orange, NJ
Osborne, Raymond Civilian     Mrs. Marvin Adkins (Aunt)
Dayton, Texas
Ostrom, Jack C. Pfc 288874 1st Bn 4th marines Co A Mrs. Elvira O. Ostrom (Mother)
1603 Pearl St., Miles City, Mont.
Ott, Herbert L. 1st Lt 0369401 Vet Gen Hosp Bataan Mr. Arthur E. Ott (Father)
RR Box 300, Wheaton, Ill.
Owen, Alma M/Sgt 6539849 5 A/B Gp Lucile Brown (Friend)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Pace, Robert Pfc 14047098   Mrs. Lenard Pace (Mother)
Boggs Hotel, Deming, New Mexico
Parker, Pat L. Pfc 18050066 60th CA  Mrs. Gertrude Parker (Mother)
Box 97 Calvin, Okla.
Parrott, George V. Pfc 1507283 Hq Hq Harbor Def Robert R. Parrott (Brother)
625 S. Beech St., Bryan, Ohio
Patrich, Darvin O. T/Sgt 7020985 Gen Hosp #2 Mrs. Oliver H. Patrich (Mother)
48 E. High St., Hummelstown, Pa.
Peak, Jack D. Pvt 18063203 MD Sternberg Gen Mrs. Deaulah Peak (Mother)
Box 341 Leonard, Tex.
Peontek, Henry W. Pvt 16017981 31st Inf Mrs. Johanna Cox (Sister)
1229 E. Washington St., Springfield, Ill.
Peterek, Felix P. Pvt 19044436 440th Ord Avn Mr. Louis Peterek (Brother)
Yuma, Ariz.
Peters, Edgar Pvt 38054615 192 Tank Bn Mrs. Gertrude Peters (Mother)
New Ulm, Tex.
Peterson, William L. Cpl 17001756 59th CA Btry K Mr. Will Peterson (Father)
Lake Park, ,Ia.
Pfeiffer, James A. CWO 266796 US Navy Mrs. Edna L. Pfeiffer (Mother)
42 Newman Pl., Buffalo, NY
Pharr, Alfred O. Sgt 6250277 59th CA Mr. Jasper W. Farr (Father)
Gen Del. Jasper, Tex.
Phillips, Bread S. Pvt 6378435 59th CA Mr. W.C.L. Phillips (Father)
Gen Del Tangipahoa, La.
Picotte, Caryl Capt 0131258 20th Air Base Mrs. Miriam Picotte
160 Lake St., Oakland, Calif.
Pierce, Loren G. Pvt 19015629 34th Pur Sqd Mrs. Grant Palms
Princeton, Minn.
Pinkham, Winthrop C. Pfc 11015231 5th Fight Comd Mr. John T. Pinkham (Father)
62 Portland Ave., Dover, NH
Pinto, Harry W. Sgt 238434 Co M 3 Bn 4th Regt USMC Mrs. H.W. Pinto (Wife)
407 Lareto St., Mt. View, Calif.
Piovino, Neil Cpl 278486 USMC Serv Co Mrs. Angela Cuttone (Sister)
4201 W. Van Buren St., Chicago, Ill.
Pirnat, Pter P. Pvt 35021020 192 Tank Bn Miss Angeline Pirnat (Sister)
716 E. 160 St., Cleveland, Ohio
Pitchford, Robert W. CMM 1533394 US Navy Mrs. Thomasina Pitchford (Mother)
338 Park, Long Beach, Calif.
Pitts, Ira M. Pvt 6816373 59 CA Mrs. Rose Pitts (Mother)
Shawnee, Kansas
Potter, Thomas Sig 3523809 Royal Sig Cps Brit A Mrs. Florence Potter (Mother)
122 Ridgewater St., Farnworth Bolton, Lancastershire, Eng.
Potyraj, Frank C. Cpl 6910580 Det MP Mrs. Agnes Potyraj (Mother)
320 Lane Ave SW, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Quay, Earl E. Pvt 18049879 60 CA Mrs. Sarah D. Quay (Aunt)
834 S. Nettleton, Springfield, Mo.
Quinn, Charles R. Sgt 20523489 192 Tank Mrs. Carrie Quinn (Mother)
1616 Gummeer Ave., Dayton, Ohio
Rabin, Frederick S/Sgt 6560955 Dept Surg O. HPD Mrs. J. Rabin (Mother)
2331E. Locust Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Raines, D.C. S/Sgt 6390778 17 Sq 27 Gp Mrs. Martha L. Raines (Mother)
Rt. 3 Bonifay, Fla.
Rainwater, Dennis Cpl 290940 4 Marines Mrs. D.D. Rainwater (Mother)
Paris, Arkansas
Ramme, William C. 1st Lt 890257 USAFFE Eng Mrs. Jessica Ramme (Mother)
Terre Haute, Indiana
Rawlinson, Francis J. Pvt 6892051 Air Wng Co Mr. Wm. R. Rawlinson (Father)
5013 Warrington Ave., Phila., Pa.
Reed, Emil P. Major 0313089 26 Cav Mrs. E.P. Reed (Wife)
6535 Bob-O-Links Drive, Dallas, Texas
Reed, Field M. Jr. Pfc 20523490 192 Tank Mrs. Field M. Reed Jr. (Wife)
Harrisburg, KY
Reed, Gareth J. Cpl 19006001 Sta Hosp Ft. Mills Mr. Charles L. Reed
109 Bonnie Brae St., Walla Walla, Wash.
Reeff, John P. Cpl 19017075 60 CA Mrs. Margaret Reeff (Mother)
Glen Ullin, ND
Rees, Dentan J. Capt 0331514 31 Inf Div Mrs. Kathryn G. Rees (Wife)
486 S Hollside Drive, Milwaukie, Ore.
Reyes, Everett L. Sgt 6148111 2 Obn Sq Mrs. Lillian S. Ryes (Mother)
3 Merrimack St., Concord, NH
Rhoades, Calvin A. S/Sgt 6519087 Hq Co PI Dept Inf Mr. John A. Rhoades (Brother)
Wolfe City, Texas
Rickett, Ernest E. CMM 1834138 U.S. Navy Mrs. Alice M. Rickett (Wife)
Passage 64, House 3, Rt. Pichon, Shanghai, China
Rieck, William C. Pfc 6916385 60th CA Mrs. Meta K. Rieck (Mother)
Utica, Mich.
Riley, Walter G. Sig 2360440 Royal Sig Corps Brit A Mrs. Louisa E. Riley (Mohter)
The Colliers Rest, Langley Darbyshire, England
Ring, Walter Sgt 6747244   Mrs. Cipriana Ring (Wife)
San Roque, Luzon, P.I.
Ritchie, Lavergne A. Sgt 6799531 31st Inf Mrs. Mary Hughes (Stepmother)
Trenton, Ill.
Robertson, Don E. Pfc 19012626 31st Inf Med Mrs. J.E. Roberston (Mother)
510 F St NW Ardmore, Okla.
Robins, Donald S. Capt 0300705 QM Motor Transp Serv Mr. N.M. Robins (Father)
74 Farrand Park, Detroit, Mich.
Robinson, Lawrence Pvt 15043739 803 Eng Mrs. Liza Robinson (Mother)
Wayland, KY
Rodriguez, Ralph Pfc 38012138 15th CA MD Mrs. Refugio Rodriguez (Mother)
Box 84 Bernalilla, NM
Rogers, Austin B. Sgt 14040503 454 Ord Mrs. Lillian M. Charles (Mother)
Cherokee Rd., Florence, S. Car.
Rohde, Philip G. Pvt 11020530 23 Material Sq Mr. Frank C. Rohde (Father)
122 Bedford Ave., Hamden, Conn.
Rose, Edwin (NMI) Civilian   Army Transp Serv Mrs. Peter Fruro
60 Simon St., Toronto, Canada
Rosenberg, Theodore Civilian     Mr. Harry Rosenberg (Father)
118 S 15th St., Eston, Pa.
Roseveare, Robert E. Capt 0311189 Hq Phil Dept Mrs. Burith Roseveare (Wife)
Amer. Intern Camp, Sto Tomas, Manila
Ross, Marvel Pvt 12024922 Sig C AC Warning Mr. Edward Ross (Brother)
131 Mather St., Syracuse, NY
Ross, Robert E. Pvt 6566740 MD Sternburg Gen H Mrs. W.A. Ross
1217 W 1st, Coffeyville, Kansas
Ryan, John E. M/Sgt R346144 17th Ord Co Mrs. Pearl Ryan (Mother)
2527 Fleet St., Baltimore, Md.
Salm, Alma E. Lt   US Navy Mrs. Emily H. Salm
2675 La Aroma St., Oakland, Calif.
Sanchez, Alferdo F. Pvt 38012514 200 CA Mr. N.R. Sanchez, 2 Jackson St., Clayton, NM
Santos, Jesus Pvt 38030720 200 CA Mrs. Maria F. Santos (Mother)
Hebberville, Tex.
Sartin, Lea Bennett Cmdr   U.S. Navy Mrs. Cecile M. Sartin (Wife)
Terrebone Parish, Houms, La.
Sawtelle, Donald W. Lt Col 12196 Hq Cav Phil Dept Mrs. Vivian Sawtelle (Wife)
1117 11th St., Corpus Christi, Texas
Schneider, Joseph Pvt 39228443 194 Tank Bn Mrs. Rose Schneider (Mother)
727 S. Vancouver Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Schumm, Fred F. Cpl R2341101 31 Inf Div Mr. John Schumm (Father)
Vanderville & Hamilton Sts.,
Concord, Staten Island, NY
Scott, Richard Cpl 19006324 429 Sig Corps Mrs. Nettie A. Scott
Helena, Montana
Seaman, Edward E. Cpl 6976811 AC Det WEA Mrs. Mary Seaman (Mother)
59 Main St., Middleport, NY
Seckinger, William C. Pfc 13022548 Sig Co AC Warning Mr. John Seckinger (Brother)
RD Box 50, Lilly, Pa.
Seliga, Martin E. CGM 1914954 U.S. Navy Mrs. Nellie Niemi (Sister)
61 Leighton St., Fitchburg, Mass.
Serrano, Ernest O. Pfc 38011661 200 CA Mrs. Agapito M. Serrano (Mother)
Coyote, New Mexico
Shardlow, George Sgt 3525331 Manchester Regt Mrs. Shardlow
40 Wigston, Count Estharp, No. Leicester, Eng.
Sherman, Carroll C. Pfc 14006597 17 Bomb Sq
27 Bomb Gp
Mrs. Claude Sherman (Mother)
Hundred Oaks Ave., Baton Rouge, La.
Shimel, James B. WO   4 Marines Mrs. June E. Shimel (Wife)
1100 So Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Short, Hassell M. S/Sgt 6284255 Sternburg Gen Hosp Mrs. Jewell Short (Mother)
Box 15, Whitesboro, Texas
Shrapshire, Goo. W. Pvt R2341692 QMC Ft. Mills Mrs. Louisa Shrapshire (Mother)
Rt #2, Scottsville, KY
Shults, William E. Pfc 36001929 192 Tank Bn Mrs. R.L. Shults, Corsicana, Tex.
Silk, Herman J. Pfc   4 Marines Mrs. Jos. Silk (Mother)
Isable, S.D.
Silverman, Carl ACMM 1922977 US Navy Mr. Jos. Silverman (Brother)
Wareham, Mass.
Sina, Sam Pvt 38012139 200 CA Mrs. Patricia Sina (Mother)
Rosiada, New Mexico
Sitter, Stephen C. Maj 020079 Gen Hosp #2 Mrs. Stephen C. Sitter (Wife)
4001 N Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wisc.
Slater, Thomas A. G F/C   US Navy Mrs. George V. Bailey
3952 N. Franklin St., Phil., Pa.
Slaughter, J.C. L Cpl 5776255 Royal Norfolks Regt British Army Mr. E.K. Slaughter (Father)
Rose Villa, Spra Common No.
Walshim, Norfolke, Eng.
Sly, Robert E. Capt 0386820 VMF Mrs. Mabel Sly (Mother)
1275 Ferry St., Eugene, Ore.
Smith, Carl Pvt 6472231 75th Ord Co Mrs. Opal Breenton
Oakland City, Ind.
Smith, Donald N. Sgt 6253722 7th Material Sq Dr. C.L. Smith (Father)
2346 S. Broadway, Boulder, Colo.
Smith, Jeff Pfc 19002802 CWS Avn Mr. G.W. Smith (Father)
McCrory, Ark.
Smith, Roy B. Sgt 6282970 2d Obs Sq Mr. Clem C. Smith (Father)
Box 803, Pelly, Tex.
Smith, Willard A. 1st Lt 0413874 301 FA Mr. Harold A. Smith (Father)
1245 Foothill Blv., Altadena, Calif.
Smith, William K. Pvt 19020921 58th CA Mrs. Viola Smith (Mother)
Box 337, Red Bay, Ala.
Smith, William P. M/Sgt 217391 USMC Mrs. William P. Smith (Wife)
6660 Shannon Ave., San Diego, Calif.
Snyder, Donald N. Pfc 13013922 Air Warn Co. Mrs. Urzula M. Snyder (Mother)
3005 Dell Ave., Dormont, Pitt., Pa/
Sparks, Delbert L. MM 1/c 2870812 US Navy Mrs. Valdia J. Sparks (Mother)
220 W. Burnett, Louisville, Ky
Spinelli, Ralph Pvt 19056982 3d Chem Det Avn Mr. Dominick Spinelli (Father)
846 Ellis Hill, Sewickley, Pa.
Spradin, John Civilian     Miss Anguline Spradlin (Daughter)
256 Santiago Pasay Rizal, P.I.
Stanford, Joseph R. Pvt 6976788 28 Bmb Sq Mr. Edgar R. Stanford (Father)
184 Vernon Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Staples, Harry J. S/Sgt 6907109 MD Sternburg, Gen H Mrs. Ethen S. Killman
61 Burr Ave., Binghampton, NY
Starkey, Edward E. Pvt 19025245 60th CA Mrs. Violet Corey
56 Vine St., Lynn, Mass.
Staus, Alrein A. Pvt 6322706 Hq Sq FEAF Mr. Wayman H. Staus (Brother)
Box 1244, Pampa, Texas
Stefl, Harry James CBM   U.S. Navy Mrs. Margaret Daly (Sister)
7227 Snowdown Ave., Richmond Heights, St. Louis, Mo.
Steiner, George R. Pvt 19000152 30 Bomb Sq Mrs. N.H. Montero (Mother)
Rt 1 Box 115, Loomis, Calif.
Steven, Sidney Cpl 3855020 Brit Army Mr. Robt. Stevens (Father)
28 Stansted St., Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Steward, Jerry A. Lt Cdr   U.S. Navy  Mrs. B.T. Steward (Wife)
Las Banas Civ Internment Camp #2
Stone, Walter E. 1st Lt 0890076 Engr Dept Manila Mr. Geo W. Stone (Father)
1223 W. 73d Pl., Chicago, Ill.
Stoops, Carl E. Civilian     Mrs. Isabelle Stoops (Wife)
Manila, PI
Stoutenburgh, Marshall B. Pfc 6977867 19 Air Bs Sq Mrs. Viva M. Stoutenburgh (Mother)
Kelly Corners, NY
Strong, Robt. C. Jr. Lt Cdr   US Navy Mrs. Robt. C. Strong Jr. (Wife)
48 Jwing St., Arlington, Mass.
Strasters, Robt. V. Pfc 39676107 194 Tank Bn Med Det Mr. W.G. Straster (Father)
566 S 10th, East Salt Lake City, Utah
Stuart, Carl E. Cpl 7060419 Sternberg Gen Hosp Mrs. Minnie Stuart Waltill
Sullivan, M. Christopher Civilian     Mrs. L. Sullivan (Wife)
627 A Mabini St., Manila, PI
Svendsen, Aksel S. Civilian     Mr. Aksel Svendsen
Fredrickstad, Norway
Swidell, Leon O. Jr. S/Sgt 6399973 16 Bomb Sq 27 Bomb Gp Mrs. Charles Bowman (Mother)
Tifton, Georgia
Tarkanish, George CM 3/c 2832627 US Navy Mrs. Mike Tarkanish (Mother)
1672 Oakwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio
Taube, Alfred G. Cpl 6401989 60 CA Mr. Gustave Schneider (Uncle)
219 Center, Omaha, Nebr.
Taylor, Ira W. Pfc 4 Cl 6269437 31 Inf. Div. Mr. Early J. Taylor (Brother)
Rt Lexington, Texas
Taylor, Lewis V. Sgt 6281738 24 Pur Sq Mrs. Mabel Taylor (Mother)
3814 N 7th St., Phoenix, Ark.
Taylor, Ralph F 1/c 2955168 US Navy Mr. William C. Taylor (Father)
La Follete, Tenn.
Teel, James O. Pvt 18038692 60th CA Mr. Foster G. Teel (Father)
Rt 2(?) Box 419, Texarkana Co., Texas
Temple, John W. 1st Lt 0387836 701 Ord  Mrs. E.J. Temple (Mother)
88 Northumberland Rd., Pittefield, Mass.
Terry, Roy T. Cpl   200th CA Mrs. Charles Moral (Sister)
Bakersfield, Calif.
Thomas, William Sgt 681016 QM Ft. Mills MD Hosp #2 Mrs. Carl Poust (Sister)
538 E. 7th St., Bloomsburg, Pa.
Thibeault, Joseph B. Pfc 11227723 MD Hosp #2 Mr. Bruno Thibeault (Brother)
171 Oak St., Lawrence, Mass.
Thomas, Edward E. 2d Lt 0890013 252d Sqd Con Mrs. Olive Chance (Mother)
3857 Oakwood Dr. SW, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Thomas, Ted T. Pfc 20843606 515th CA Mrs. Nettie B. Thomas
215 E. Franklin St., Box 292, Mangum, Okla.
Thompson, W.D. IM 1/c 3419235 Naval Ammo Depot Mrs. Walter Thompson (Mother)
Garnett, Kansas
Thomson, John L. Civilian     Mrs. Eliz Thomson
5346 Lime Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Tice, Leon A. S/Sgt 6979131 MD Sternburg Gen Mr. Leon A. Tice
Star Rt., Ogdenburg, Pa.
Tixier, Poch F. Pfc 20842383 200th CA Med Mrs. Fred B. Tixier (Mother)
30(?) N Pine St., Alberquerque, NM
Tobey, Karl D. Cpl 19045529 Med Dept Mr. Frank Kaiser (Uncle)
Fallon, Nevada
Triolo, Jerome M. 1st Lt 0427199 19 Bomb Sq Mrs. J.M. Triolo (Mother)
1709 E Rio Grande St., El Paso, Tex.
Trippe, James E. Capt 0295918 PHD Maton Pool Manila Mrs. James E. Trippe (Wife)
35 Smith Alexendraan, Los Angeles, Calif.
Tupy, Charles C. Pfc 37042159 Med Dept Mr. Arthur Tupy (Father)
Waucoma, Iowa
Turnbow, Harvey R. Cpl 18018186 60th CA Mr. D.A. Turnbow (Father)
Konawa, Okla.
Turner, James C. Pvt 14042500 59th CA Mrs. B.M. Delancey (Mother)
Varnado, La.
Unger, Robert S. Pfc 35206363 200 CA Mr. Ira S. Unger
412 Wilks St., Berkley Springs, W Va.
Van Diggelen, Gerard Pvt 95949 Dutch Army Mrs. Rosa Van Diggelen (Wife)
Beatrix Way 16, Malang, Java
Vanlandingham, Blake G. S/Sgt R791660 60 CA Mr. Chas E. Vanlandingham (Father)
Crosses, Arkansas
Verkey, Dick Civilian     Mrs. Haddy Lundburg
59 Cloy St., San Francisco, Calif.
Vico, Avi L. S/Sgt 19000437 680 Ord Avn Mrs. Angelian Vico (Mother)
Crockett, Calif.
Villalobaz, Macario Pvt 38011930 200 CA Mrs. T.V. Baca
Maglinse, NM
Vincent, Willis C. Pvt 20934631 194 Tank Bn Mr. W.W. Vincent (Uncle)
Rt 3, Box 393 Klammoth Falls
Vinett, Dallas P. Capt 0400039 200 CA Mrs. Anne C. Vinett (Wife)
Taos, New Mexico
Vinton, Fred S. Pfc 269084 4th Regt USMC Mrs. Cornelia Vinton (Mother)
702 Bryant Ave., Jackson, Mich.
Vitek, Lester P. Pfc 37040844 Sta Hosp Ft. Mills Mr. Frank Vitek Jr. (Father)
RFD Box 72, Chelsea, Iowa
Von Linger, Dale O. Pfc 6913538 698 Ord Avn Mr. J.W. Von Linger
Mansfield, Illinois
Vroman, Grandison Pfc 6977995 Surg Off Hq Phil Dept Mrs. Donald Rogers (Sister)
RFD #2, Ithaca, New York
Wagner, Gerald W. S/Sgt 6580865 Gen Hosp #2 Mrs. Alice Wagner (Mother)
Rapid City, S Dak.
Wait, Max D. Civilian     Mrs. A.D. Wait (Mother)
1400 W. 18th St., No. Little Rock, Ark.
Walker, Charles B. T/Sgt 6489849 MD Phil Dept Mrs. Catherine Walker (Mother)
1904 So 20th St., Springfield, Illinois
Walker, John H.     U.S. Navy Mrs. Mildred R. Walker (Wife)
102 1/2 Emerson St., Vandergrift, Pa.
Wallace, Stanley F. T/Sgt 6821398 Med Dept Mr. C.B. Wallace (Bro)
618 Sikes Ave., Sikeston, Mo.
Walther, Frederick C. Sgt 6734194 5 Ftr Gp Mrs. Fred C. Walther (Wife)
408 W. Ft. Worth, Provo, Utah
Wangler, Ambrose J. 1st Lt 0890040 Fin Dept Mrs. Thomas P. Wangler (Mother)
Craveport, Ohio
Warren, William P. Pvt 18035198 QMC Base Nichols Fld PI Mrs. Bettie Warren (Mother)
234 S Emporia, Wichita, Kan.
Watson, Eugene E. Pfc 6296910 24th Pur Sqd Mrs. Ester Aikns (Sister)
739 S. Park, Tucson, Ariz.
Weedon, George W. Civilian     Mr. Maurice Weedon (Son)
Elberton, Washington
Wemmer, Virgil C. BM 2/cl 3811408 US Navy Mr. W.M. Hedges (Uncle)
c/o Spreckles Sugar Co., Salinas, Cal.
Wengronowitz, Joseph Pvt 18042320 31st Inf Mr. John Syaz (Uncle)
2017 N. Honors St., Chicago, Ill.
West, John D. Pfc 38012545 200th CA Mrs. Frank Morgan (Sister)
1107 W. 8th St., Rowell, New Mexico
Wetzel, Oliver A. Pvt 19019919 60th CA Mr. George L. Wetzel (Father)
Spencer, Iowa
Wharton, Clarence A. Pvt 38029791 515th CAC Mr. Clyde J. Wharton (Brother)
1618 Juarez Ave., Laredo, Tex.
Wheeler, Tony J. 2d Lt 0890088 QMC Motor Trans Mrs. Myrtle C. Wheeler (Mother)
Box 182, Seagraves, Tex.
Whiteley, Robert K. Capt 0268924 Hops #2 Bataan Mr. Eugene E. Whiteley (Father)
571 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, Cal.
Wilkerson, Buster Pvt 20842538 515 CA Mr. Leo Wilkerson
114 S Ash, St. Deming, New Mexico
Wilkinson, La Mar Pvt 19011019 59th CA Mrs. Erva Logan (Mother)
1207 W. Center St., Provo, Utah
Willis, Harry B. CCM 2870118 US Navy Mr. Frank B. Willis (Father)
713 F St., Hamilton, Ohio
Wilson, Frank T. Pfc 20900762 194th Tank Bn Mrs. Eileen Wilson (Wife)
Rt 1 Box 607, Salinas, Cal.
Wilson, Ray Cpl 6726571 Hq Hq HD Arty Eng Mrs. Margaret Tennent
829 1/2 E 5th St., Long Beach, Calif.
Williams, Ben Pfc 38012029 200th CA Mrs. B. Williams (Mother)
Espanola, New Mexico
Wililams, Benjamin O. Pfc 6909322 Hq Hq Sq FEAF Mrs. Anna Williams (Mother)
Rt 2, Grandall, Miss.
Williams, Finas Sgt 6438144 59 CA Mr. C.E. Williams (Bro)
2220 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.
Williams, Lawrence G. Pvt 19054307 60 CA Mr. G.R. Williams (Father)
Box 305, Glendive, Montana
Willson, Thomas R. Lt Col 010103 24th FA Mrs. Carolyn R. Willson
c/o Mrs. C.B. Redelman
1800 Park Ave., Little Rock, Ark.
Wing, Paul R. Maj 05878 USAFFE Sig Mrs. Martha Wing (Wife)
Lanyridge, Lexington, KY
Witmer, Edward Jr. Sgt 3076737 803 Eng Bn Mrs. Eva Witmer (Mother)
Strasburg, Pa.
Wood, Thomas F. Pfc 6911784 QM Nichols Fld, PI Mr. Clarence Wood
14111 Mettetal, Detroit, Mich.
Wyatt, Reginald K. Gnr 968259 88 Fld Rgt RA Brit A Mr. Ernest I. Wyatt (Father)
33 Faringdon Ave., Bromley, Kent, Eng.
Yates, Jules D. Capt 023127 92 CA Mrs. Jules D. Yates (Wife)
c/o 1st Nat Bank, Scranton, Pa.
Yates, Lawdell L. Pfc 6282204 31 Inf Div Mrs. Ethel O. Yates (Mother)
Box 1173. Coolidge, Arizona
York, James H. Pvt 12023050 803 Eng Bn Mrs. Katherine M. York (Mother)
453 W. Castle St., Syracuse, NY
Zelis, Louis C. Pfc 36001929   Mrs. Louis O. Zelis (Wife)
3137 W. 42d Pl., Chicago, Ill.
Zimmerman, John O. 1st Lt 0890017 Army Trans QMC Mr. F.L. Zimmerman (Father)
2409 Terrell Pl., Lynchburg, Va.
Zucca, Deno Cpl 19051397 31 Inf. Mr. Sam Zucca (Father)
Pocahontas, Ill.
Doyle, Robert T/Sgt 6146163 Fin Dept Harb Def  
Folson, Milo S/Sgt 6860897 Sternberg Gen Hosp
Greenburg, Max M. Cpl 6875870 31st Inf  
Holden, Bernard Pvt 6139658 Brit Army 2d Surrey Regt  
Jovina, Neil P. Cpl 278486 Serv Co USMC  
Sppoknersky, Peter Pfc R256440 Im Dep  
Srugo, Sjpriano Pfc 20482311 200 Ca, MD  

This document was given to the ADBC Museum from the files of the ADBC. The document as given to us is available as Headquarters Sixth Army APO 442 in pdf form. This roster may not be complete. There may be other rosters available online.  The ADBC Museum strives to provide as much information as possible, but due to time limitations the rosters may not be entirely inclusive. Roger Mansell's website has a more comprehensive index.