Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release from captivity

Roy Gentry 

Roy GentryADBC Commander

Roy Y. Gentry was born June 28, 1918 near Glasgow, Kentucky.  He enlisted in the Army Air Corps at Fort Harrison, Indiana, July 20, 1939.  He was stationed at Hickham Field, Hawaii.

In September 1941, the 14th Bombardment Squadron was sent to Clark Field. It was the first B-17 Squadron in the Philippines.  After the start of the war, the 14th Squadron moved to Mindanao.  He was taken prisoner May 10, 1942 and he shipped to Japan in October, 1942.  He was bombed by Japanese planes on way to Mindanao, and an American sub shot two torpedoes a transport, but they missed.

He was at three camps in Japan, Kawasaki No. 2, Steel Mill Dispatch No. 5, and Suwa Camp at Chiba.

He stayed in the Air Force and retired as master sergeant in August, 1960.  He worked for P& W Aircraft in Florida as a rocket engine tester and then fully reitired.  

He was awarded the Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and a POW medal.  

He married Jean Partington in February and they had one son.
Roy loved his family and his country.  He was an active volunteer with multiple Veterans organizations and the Andersonville National POW Museum at Andersonville National Park.  He served proudsly as the National Commander of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor.  He was remembered by his family as a man with a big and kind heart.

Roy Gentry passed away November 18,2002 in West Palm Beach Florida.