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Japanese American Money Okinawa



Japanese Philippine Money 1941-45


Japanese Money Philippines 1941-45 One Hundred Pesos







One hundred Pesos

1000 Pesos American Japanese Money Philippines 1941-45







One thousand Pesos Front


One thousand Pesos back Japanese Philippine Money 1944







One thousand Pesos back (See top of left hand side)


Note:  The one thousand peso was issued by the Japanese and printed at Baguio after Manila was captured in October 1944. The peso dropped in value after Allied landings.  The printing was not well done and the purple ink on the front bled through to the back of the money.

10 Pesos Japanese Philippine Money 1941-45










Ten Pesos

One Centavo Japanese Philippine Money 1941-45 






One Centavo

50 Centavos Japanese Philippine Money 1941-45






Fifty Centavos


10 Centavos Japanese Philippine Money 1941-45







Ten Centavos


Leyte Emergency Money 1941-42 

Leyte Emergency Money 1941-42 








Five Centavos Leyte Emergency Currency Board Money


Mountain Province Emergency Note for the Guerilla Fighters

 guerilla mountain money







One Peso Mountain Province Emergency Note

 Mountain Province Emergency Note







Five centavos Mountain Province Emergency Note

Note:  See personal account by Mark Heisey for more on this Mountain Province Money

Japanese Money

Japanese 100 Yen Issued 1946






Japanese 100 Yen Banknote Issued in 1946 until 1956 Prince Shotuko


Manchurian Money 1941-45


1 yuan Manchurian Money







One Yuan Manchurian Money


 5 Yuan Manchurian Money 1941-45








Five Yuan Manchurian Money


10 Yuan Manchurian Money 1941-45








Ten Yuan Manchurian Money