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Thomas Bullock

Thomas Bullock

Thomas Bullock was born in 1914 and passed away in 1984.  He enlisted in the Army at Provo, Utah.
He was a sergeant in the Coastal Artillery.  He marched on the Bataan Death March and in 1942 heshipped  on the Tottori Maru.  He then went to the Mukden (Hoten) Prison Camp in Mukden, Manchuria.

He was an early member of the ADBC and here is a copy of his 1946-1947 membership card

ADBC Membership Card Thomas Bullock 1946-47

From Thomas Bullock was a copy of the Hoten's War Prisoner Paper put out in Christmas 1942

Here is page three of the paper with a POW rendering of "Twas the night before Christmas."    The text of the poem reads:

Christmas paper put out at Mukden 1942
'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Only one creature stirred
Twas a lean lonely mouse
He nibbled with care
On a stale crust of bread
That some sleepy soldier
Had left on his bed.
The clothes were arranged
On the shelf board with care
The spoons and the (word illegible) and
Dishes were there
But the thoughts of the men
Were not on the dishes
Some good old home cooking
were their uppermost wishes
A golden brown turkey
With rich flavored stuffing
With celery and spuds
We'd all soon be puffing
To get down the cranberries
The olives and pickles:
The salads and sauces
Our palates to tickle
So dream away soldier
And forget your care
Tomorrow the barley
And soup will be there
Corn mush for our breakfast
Potatoes for lunch                                                                               
With rich tiki tiki
And bread toast to crunch
Don't moan for the goodies
And all the things nic
At least what we have now
Beats lugao and rice
Our new resolution
Is no more to roam
And hope by next Christmas
We all will be home.

Part 1 of paper