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Mr. Vater Watercolor 2003 Huts in Bataan

Mr. Vater's "Philippine Barrio" 2003

Mr. Vater, former Quan editor and Post National Commander of ABDC, Inc.,  painted these pictures in his eighties. He took watercolor lessons at that time.

Mr. Vater watercolor of Bataan Death March 2004 

Mr. Vater watercolor "On the Death March" painted in 2004 

Wash Day (pencil drawing)

   Wash Day 1944 Pencil Drawing by Dr. Eugene Jacobs (Lt. Col.)

Cabanatuan, Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru, Scenes in Philippines on train to San Fernando and tennis courts, Mukden Prison Camp

See all of ADBC Museum copies of Eugene Jacobs Work