Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release form captivity

6th Ranger Infantry Battalion

This document was given to the ADBC Museum from the files of the ADBC. The document as given to us is available as  6th Ranger Infantry Battalion in pdf form. This roster may not be complete. There may be other rosters available online.  The ADBC Museum strives to provide as much information as possible, but due to time limitations the rosters may not be entirely inclusive. Roger Mansell's website has a more comprehensive index.

The following Officers and enlisted men of the 6th Ranger Inf Bn., rescued 511 Japanese held POW from the camp near Cabanatuan, Luzon, P.I., 30 January 1945.


RANK       NAME                                           NEAREST RELATIVE AND ADDRESS


Lt Col      MUCCI, HENRY A.                      Mrs. Marian I. Mucci (W) 789 Garfield St.,

Denver 6, Colorado


Capt          FISHER, JAMES C.                       Mrs Eleanor B. Fisher (W)

                        (Deceased)                               Arlington, Vermont.


Capt          PRINCE, ROBERT W.                  Mrs. Barbara H. Prince (W) 226 Maiden

Lane, Seattle, Wash.


1st Lt         MURPHY, JOHN F.                      Mrs Ruth Murphy (W) 135 Woodlawn St.,

                                                                        Springfield, Mass.


1st Lt.        O’CONNELL, WILLIAM J.          Mrs Elizabeth G. O’Connell (M)

                                                                        34 Isabella St., Boston, Mass.

1st Lt.         SCHMIDT, MELVILLE R.           Mrs. Melville C. Schmidt (M)

                                                                        2406 Joseph St., New Orleans, La.


1st Lt          SMITH, CLIFFORD K.                Mrs Atha L. Smith (W) 101 McMillan Ave.,

                                                                        Columbus, Ohio.


1st Sgt        Anderson, Robert G.                      Mrs. Bertha G. Anderson (M)

                                                                        RFD#1, Trenton, Tenn.


1st Sgt        Bosard, Charles H.             Mr Gerald F. Bosard (F)

                                                                        Warren, Minn.


1st Sgt        Hedrick, Ned H.                            Mrs Harold Hight (S) Box 255,

                                                                        Huntington Beach, Calif.


T Sgt          Gilbert, Melvin H.                           Mrs. Rose Sprague (S) 7431 S.W. 52,

                                                                        Maplewood, Oregon.


T Sgt          Watson, Daniel H.                          Mrs Bessie Watson (M)

                                                                        Rutherford Heights, Penn.


T Sgt           Franks, Ralph C.                           Mr Jessie Franks (F)

                                                                        Buffalo, Okla.


S Sgt            Nelson, John W.                           Mrs Gladys M. Nelson (W) 1212 Yale

Place, Minneapolis, Minn.



S Sgt            Brown, Charles W.                       Mrs June Brown (W) 1642 Thorn St.,

                                                                        Chicago Heights, Ill.


S Sgt            Hey, David M.                             Mrs Bernice A. Hey (W) 1180 Cedar Ave.,

                                                                        College Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio.


S Sgt            Millican, James V.                        Mrs Jennie Millican (M) Route #1,

                                                                        Lindalo, Georgia.


S Sgt            Moore, Richard A.                       Mrs Kate Moore (M) Rt#1, Box 695

                                                                        Santa Clara, Calif.


S Sgt            Norton, Cleatus G.                       Mr John C. Norton (F) Rt#4,

                                                                        Hendersonville, N.C.


S Sgt            White, James O.                           Mrs Elizabeth White (M) 235 West

Donaldson St., Sulivan, Ind.


S Sgt             Most, Norton S.                          Mr Selmer E. Most (F) Rt#3,

                                                                        Hawley, Minn.


S Sgt             Anderson, Floyd L.                     Mrs Lottie Anderson, (M)

                                                                        Suffolk, Mont.


S Sgt             Bishop, Lyle C.                           Mrs. Hazel Bishop (M)

                                                                        Fergus Falls, Minn.


S Sgt             Butler, William R.                        Mrs Florence Butler, (M) 314 N. Vine St.,

                                                                        Cleveland, Okla.


S Sgt             Frick, Thomas H.                        Mrs Mae F. Frick (M) Rt#1, Box 50

                                                                        Blythewood, S.C.


S Sgt             Gudmunsen, Clifford B.               Mrs Anna Gudmunsen (M) Rt#1,

                                                                        Cushing, Wis.


S Sgt             Harris, Clifton R.             Mrs Claudie Harris (M) Rt#4,

                                                                        Fairmont, W. Va.


S Sgt             Jensen, Preston N.                       Mr Elmer Jensen (F)

                                                                        Lorenzo, Idaho.


S Sgt             Koren, Mike                               Mrs Helen Koren (W) 208 Bennett St.,

                                                                        Fox Hill Place, Exeter, Pa.



S Sgt             Malone, Lester L.                        Mrs Georgia M. Malone (M) Box 392,

                                                                        Chickasha, Okla.


S Sgt             Richardson, Theodore R. Mrs Chloe Richardson (W) 5936 Prospect

St., Dallas, Texas.


S Sgt             Stern, August T. Jr.                      Mr August T. Stern Sr. (F)

                                                                        6739 Youngstown Ave., Baltimore, Md.


S Sgt              Stewart, Manton P.                    Mrs Menna M. Stewart (W) 421 E. Main St.,

                                                                        Goose Creek, Texas.


Sgt                 Howell, Claude R.                      Mrs Vera M. Howell, (M) 400 So. Main St.,

                                                                        Porterville, Calif.


Sgt                Outwater, Albert F. Jr.                Mrs Anna Outwater (M) 1536 Campbell St.,

                                                                        Rahway, N. J.


Sgt                Shears, Vance R.             Mr Charles Shears (F)

                                                                        Keyser, W. Va.


Sgt                 Tucker, James M.                       Mr Warren M. Tucker (F) Rt#2,

                                                                        Lincoln, Mo.


Sgt                 Wentland, Leo M.                      Mr Constantine Wentland (F) 512 N. Olive

St., South Bend, Ind.


Sgt                 Mortensen, Milo C.                    Mr Vorn Mortensen (B)

                                                                        Parowan, Utah.


Sgt                Williams, Arthur T.                      Mrs Bessie F. Williams (M) Rt#1 (?),

                                                                        Cashmere, Wash.


Sgt                Killough, Harry C.                       Mrs Ellen Killough (W)

                                                                        Caraway, Arkansas.


Tec 4            Britzius, Homer E.                       Mrs Helen Britzius (W) 5235 17th St., N.E.,

                                                                        Seattle 5, Wash.


Tec 4             Camp, Robert L.                        Mrs R. L. Camp (M) Rt#1,

                                                                        Adairsville, Ga.


Cpl                 Estesen, Martin T.                      Mr Thornvald J. Estesen (F)

                                                                        Gaylord, Minn.



Cpl                Finley, Waymon E.                      Mrs Jeannette Finley (W) Rt#1,

                                                                        Pickens, S. C.


Cpl                Herrick, James B.                        Mrs Bertha M. Herrick (M) 1021 Lime

Ave., Long Beach, Calif.


Cpl               Kinder, Marvin W.                       Mrs Mary F. Kinder (W)

                                                                        Fortville, Ind.


Cpl              Palomares, John G.                        Mrs Tillie Palomares (M) Box 500

                                                                        Oxnard, Calif.


Cpl              Sweezy, Roy F.                             Mrs Carrie C. Sweezy (M) Rt#4,

                    (Deceased)                                   Allegan, Mich.


Cpl              Ramsey, Robert L.                        Mrs Magdalena Ramsey (M) 3501 E. 69th

St., Kansas City, Mo.


Tec 5          Haynes, Bernard L.                       Mrs Mary Haynes (M) 421 Sewickley St.,

                                                                        Greensburg, Penn.


Tec 5          Biggs, Edward L.                           Mrs Loda Biggs (M) Rt#1,

                                                                        Tunnel Springs, Ala.


Tec 5          Marquis, Patrick F. (?)                  Mrs Bertha Marquis (M) Rt#7,

                                                                        Yakima, Wash.


Tec 5          Schilli, Francis R.               Mr Edwin Schilli (F)

                                                                        Weingarten, Mo.


Tec 5          Lawver, William A.                        Mrs Victorine Lawver (M)

                                                                        Cayuga, Wis.


Tec 5         White, Robert W.                           Mrs Robert L. White (M) Box 147

                                                                        Cedar Bluff, Miss.


Tec 5          Garrett, Dalton H.              Mrs. E. L. Garrett (M) Box 594,

                                                                        Pahokee, Fla.


Tec 5          Jinkins, Alymer C.             Mrs Mary Jinkins (M)

                                                                        Alice, Texas.


Pfc              Straube, Robert C.                        Mrs. D. E. Straube (M) 1513 Bank St.,

                                                                        Lake Charles, La.



Pfc              Bell, Warren M.                            Mr Edward T. Bell (F) 17808 Ludlow St.,

                                                                        San Fernando, Calif.


Pfc             Conley, James W.                          Mrs Vera L. Conley (W)

                                                                        Andrews, N. C.


Pfc              Adams, Donald A.             Mrs Lottie V. Adams (M),

                                                                        Clintonville, Pa.


Pfc              Dietzel, Carlton O.             Mrs Alma C. Deitzel (M), Box 6161,

                                                                        Pigeon, Wisconsin.


Pfc              Dykes, Eugene H.              Mrs Marilyn Dykes (W),

                                                                        Jeonerette, La.


Pfc              Fortenberry, Howard R.                Mrs. Josephine Fortenberry (W), PO Box

                                                                        17, Forkville, Mississippi.


Pfc              Grace, Thomas A Jr                      Mrs. Martha M. Grace (W), 1116 St.

Andrew St., New Orleans, La.


Pfc               Harris, Dale F.                              Mrs. Sara Harris (M), 34 Morgan St.,

                                                                        Tona wanda, New York.


Pfc               Higgins, Norman F.                      Mr Frank Higgins (F)

                                                                        Fennville, Michigan.


Pfc               Hudoba, Frank C.                        Mrs. Maggie Hudoba (M), 2316 7th St. NE,

                                                                        Minneapolis 13, Minnesota.


Pfc               Hughes, F. J.                                Mr Frank Hughes (F), Rt#2, Box 77A,

                                                                        Bastrop, La.


Pfc               Knowles, Edward M.                   Mrs Doris Knowles (W),

                                                                        Range, Alabama.


Pfc               Pearson, John V.                          Mrs Delia Pearson (M), Rt #2,

                                                                        Wakefield, Nebraska.


Pfc               Popishil, Joseph M.                      Mr George W. Popishil (F),

                                                                        Ely, Iowa.


Pfc                Proudfit, William H.                     Mr John Proudfit (F) 1248 55th St.,

                                                                        Des Moines, Iowa.



Pfc                Randall, George H.                      Mrs Kitty Randall (M), Rt #1,

                                                                        Forest City, North Carolina.


Pfc                Spicer, Buford K.                        Mr Archie Spicer (F),

                                                                        Burns, Tenn.


Pfc                St. John, Frank R.                       Mrs Elizabeth St. John (W) 360 Brighton

Ave., Rochester, Pa.


Pfc                Tiede, Gerhard J.             Mr Otto Tiede (F),

                                                                        Swisshome, Oregon.


Pfc                Youngblood, Joseph O.               Mrs Evelyn Jane Youngblood (W),

                                                                        846 Canal St., Beaver, Pa.


Pfc                 Abbott, Vernon M.                     Mrs Purna Abbott (M) Rt #1,

                                                                        High Point, North Carolina.


Pfc                 Blannett, John D.                        Mrs Rose Blannett (M) 256 Courtdale Ave.,

                                                                        Courtdale, Pa.


Pfc                 Crumpton, William F.                 Mrs. Alice Crumpton (M), Rt #1,

                                                                        Walhalla, South Carolina.


Pfc                 Dixon, Virgil S.                           Mrs Mary J. Dixon (M), Rt #1 Box 2,

                                                                        Checotah, Oklahoma.


Pfc                 Duke, Waverly R.                       Mrs. Minnie N. Duke (M),

                                                                        Jackson, North Carolina.


Pfc                 Enstrom, Edwin G.                     Mrs. Edith Grannat (S), Box 114,

                                                                        Gerva, North Dakota.


Pfc                Garde, Mariano                           Mrs Frances B. Garde (M) 3710 S. Globe

Ave., Los Angeles, California.


Pfc                Garrison, William H.                    Mrs Virginia Garrison (W), 1721 Frederica

St., Owensboro, Kentucky.


Pfc                Grimm, Paul J.                             Mrs Mary Grimm (W), 702 Atlantic Ave.,

                                                                        Monaca, Pa.


Pfc                Guillory, Howard J.                     Mrs Clemence Guillory (W), Box 195,

                                                                        Welsh, La.



Pfc                Heezen, Clarence W.                   Mrs Margaret Heezen (M),

                                                                        Plankington, South Dakota.


Pfc                Herman, Andrew J.                     Mr Andrew Herman (F),

                                                                        Nucla, Colorado.


Pfc                Kocsis, Eugene Jr.                       Mrs Anna Kocsis (M), 1707 S. Scott St.,

                                                                        South Bend, Indiana.


Pfc                Littleton, Edward             Mrs Lena Littleton (M) 309 E. St.

                                                                        Lenoir City, Tenn.


Pfc                Lombardo, Edward                     Mrs Josephine Lombardo (M) 1506 S.

Trumbul Street, Chicago, Illinois.


Pfc                Martin, Alfred A.             Mrs. Clara Martin (M) 507 E. 8th St.,

                                                                        Leadville, Colorado.


Pfc                McElroy, Billy                             Mrs Ethel McElroy (M) Rt #1,

                                                                        Clyde, North Carolina.


Pfc                McGinnis, Alfred J.                      Mrs. Barbara McGinnis (W), Box 415,

                                                                        Fayette, Idaho.


Pfc                 Melendez, Ralph C.                    Mrs Sara Desota (M), 1221 W. 31st St.,

                                                                        Los Angeles, California.


Pfc                 Myerhoff, Leroy B.                     Mrs Florence Myerhoff (M) 1207 1st Ave.,

                                                                        Evansville, Indiana.


Pfc                 Paluck, Edward                          Mr Mike R. Paluck (F) 235 SE 36th St.,

                                                                        Portland, Oregon.


Pfc                 Peters, Jack A.                           Mrs Eva Peters (M) Box 306,

                                                                        Mesquite, Texas.


Pfc                 Polzine, Alva A.              Mrs Delores Polzine (W) 7528

Westmoreland Drive, San Diego, California.


Pfc                 Provencher, Leland A.                Mrs Eva Provencher (W) Rt #1,

                                                                        Litchfield, Minnesota.


Pfc                 Purtell, Merrie K.                       Mr Robert E. Purtell (F) Rt #2,

                                                                        Locksburg, Arkansas.



Pfc                Reynolds, James M.                    Mrs Gladys Thomas (S) 214 N. Arish St.,

                                                                        Greeneville, Tenn.


Pfc                Richardson, John B.                     Mrs Azilee Richardson (M),

                                                                        Poston, South Carolina.


Pfc                Robbins, Alvie E.             Mrs Selma Robbins (W) 411 S. “L” St.,

                                                                        Tacoma, Wash.


Pfc                Ruble, Edgar L.                           Mrs Lula Ruble (M) 1141 ½ NW 4th St.,

                                                                        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Pfc                 Sebeck, Roy D.                          Mrs. Mary Sebeck (M),

                                                                        Manistique, Michigan.


Pfc                 Shearer, Melvin P.                      Mrs. Imogene Shearer (M) Box 137

                                                                        Seward, Pa.


Pfc                 Snyder, Charles Q.                     Mrs. Oma Snyder (M) 711 S 6th St.,

                                                                        Indiana, Pa.


Pfc                 Solf, Conrad J.                           Mrs. Helen L. Solf (W),

                                                                        Lambert, Oklahoma.


Pfc                 Superak, Peter P.                       Mrs Mary Superak (M) 215 Maryland St.

NE, Warren, Ohio.


Pfc                  Swain, Charles S.                      Mrs. Virgy L. Swain (M) 108 West St.,

                                                                        Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


Pfc                 Swank, Russell J.                        Mr. Robert Swank (B),

                                                                        Arnagh, Pa.


Pfc                 Thomas, Ronald R.                     Mrs. Anna F. Thomas (M) 89 Rose Court,

                                                                        Sharon, Pa.


Pfc                 Truskowski, Alexander E.           Mr. Julian Truskowski (F) 31 (?) Ave. B.,

                                                                        Port Washington, New York.


Pfc                  Westmoreland, Jasper T.           Mr Fred Westmoreland (F) Rt #2,

                                                                        Independence, Missouri.


Pfc                   Williams, Ray E.                       Mrs Nora Butts (M)

                                                                        Portland, Oregon.



Following officer and enlisted men of Combat Photo Unit F, 832d Signal Service Bn accompanied 6th Rangers and took photographs and motion pictures of the operation.

1st Lt.              LUEDDEKE, JOHN W.           Mrs Martha Lueddeke (M), 51 Williamson

Ave., Hillside, New Jersey.


Tec 4              Goetzheimer, Frank J.                Mr Frank Goetzheimer (F) 1946 Arsenal St.,

                                                                        St. Louis, Missouri.


Pfc                  Goen, Wilbur B.                        Mr C. W. Goen (F) 508 Graham,

                                                                        Dallas, Texas.


Pfc                   Lautman, Robert C.                  Mrs. A. Sherman (M) 519 Quackenbos St.,

                                                                        Washington, D.C.