Defenders of the Philippines

picture of captivity and picture of release form captivity

228th Signal Operations Company Roster        

The 228th Signal Company was constituted on September 2, 1941 in the regular Army with the title 228th Signal Operation Company, and it was activated on September 17, 1941 in the Philippines. Shortly afterward, in 1942, the Company surrendered to Japanese forces and was inactivated on April 2, 1946 in the Philippines.

228th Signal Operations Company

Wing, Paul R.               Maj.                 P.O. Box 5, Lexington, Kentucky         Alive as of 8-17-44

Grady, Frank J.            Capt.                326 LaGrange Rd., Bellwood, Ills.        Japan 1-15-43, Yokahoma 5-10-45    

*Singer, Paul F.           1st Lt.                725 9th St., Washington, D.C.            Japan 11-6-42; Died

Herring, Ralph C.         1st Lt.                3441 N.E. Miami Court, Miami, Florida  Davao 10-27-42, Cabanatuan 7- -44

Goss, Frank M.           2nd Lt.                799 Main St., Agawam, Mass.            Bilibid 8-24-44

McCann, Eugene J.     2nd Lt.                505 Maple Ave., E. Pittsburgh, Pa.      Hospital case for entire time. Bilibid

*Shafer, Donald B.       2nd Lt.                                                                         O'Donnell 6-22-42; Died   

Thomas, Edward E.     2nd Lt.              3902 Oakwood Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich. Cabanatuan 8-17-44; OK

*Johnston, Theodore N. M/Sgt               Southerland, Nebr.                               Japan 11- -42; Died

Kulas, Harry                1st/Sgt              708 W. 4th Ave., Williston, N. Dak.       Japan 8-17-42, 9-16-45; OK

Bowen, William E.        T/Sgt                Trenton, New Jersey;                 Bilibid 3- -44, Cabanatuan Hosp 7- -44                        
                                                          Rec'd Commission in the Hills  

Eggers, James A.         T/Sgt               403 Brintz Ave., Essington, Pa.                Japan 11- -42; OK

Moore, Vivian E.           T/Sgt               (54th Signal Main.)                                    Japan

*Mussell, Ronald P.      T/Sgt                2221 8th St., Pittsburg, Kansas                Cabantuan 12-20-42; Died

Francies, Richard E.     S/Sgt               3075 Scarborough Rd., Cleveland, Ohio     Cabanatuan; Japan 8-17-44

*Holderness, Harry H.    S/Sgt               1723 N.W. 31st St., Oklahoma City, Okla.  Davao 10- -42, Lysans 3- -44; Died

Hubbard, Charles H.      S/Sgt                812 W. Water St., Hartford City, Ind.         Cabanatuan 7- -44

Knapp, Joseph T.          S/Sgt                Fairport Harbor, Ohio                                Bilibid 3- -44, Cabanatuan 7- -44 Hosp;      
                                                                                                                          Japan 7-15-44

Ratsch, Heinz               S/Sgt                General Del, Spencer, Wisc.                    Davao 10- -42, Japan 6- -44

*Crandell, Orin E.            Sgt                  Westwood, Lassen County, Calif.            Palawan; Died

*Harr, Irwin M.                Sgt                   Salix, Pa.                                                 O'Donnell 5-7-42; Died

*Hawken, John L.           Sgt                                                                                  Zambales 10- -43; Died

*Huber, Charles J.          Sgt                939 Alpha, Inglewood, Calif.                        Cabanatuan 11-20-42; Died

*Mathewson, Stanley G.  Sgt              14 Decker St., Milton, Mass.                       Cabanatuan 7-8-42; Died

Pohl, Harold G.              Sgt                 133 N. 4th St., Steubenville, Ohio                Cabanatuan; Japan 7-15-44

*Schmitt, Everrett W.      Sgt                  313 Kern St., Taft, Calif.                            #19056627, O'Donnell; Died

*Spencer, Ray W.           Sgt                  1026 Salt Lake St., Long Beach, Calif.       Cabanatuan 6-8-42; Died

*Sumlin, Lacy T.             Sgt                   198 S. Wilson Ave, Pasadena, Calif          Cabanatuan 9-4-42; Died

*Taylor, Francies M.        Sgt                    (54th Signal Main.)                                  Bilibid; Died

Weiss, Edward               Sgt                    (Radio Oper. aboard SS Don Estaban)       

Welsh, James W.           Sgt                     2001 Longwood Ave., Los Angeles, Calif   Manchuria 10-7-42; OK

Wilcox, Robert W.           Sgt                    P.O. Box 3306, Tacoma 99, Wash.         Japan 9-18-43; OK

*Adams, Edward O.         Cpl                    548 Brook Ave., Bronx, New York        Cabanatuan 6-28-42; Died

*Thomas, William             Sgt                                                                                   Japan; Died

Carter, Richard L.            Cpl                    608 N. 14th St., Boise, Idaho                  Davao 10-27-42, Japan 8-17-44

Cook, Henry                    Cpl                    Peachtree St., Atlanta, Georgia                   

Eckstien, Robert              Cpl                    317 E. Broadway, Logansport, Ind.       Davao 10-27-42, Lysang 3- -44

Gallagher, Ray A.            PFC 3rd             136 Lewis Ave., Billings, Montana       Japan 11-6-42

Gee, Jesse R.                 Cpl                    556 Culusa, Yuba City, Calif.                Palawan 5- -43

*Goff, Harvey L.               Cpl                     4713 Freemont, Seattle, Wash.          Cabanatuan 6-11-42; Died

*Holmen, Elliot T.             Cpl                    El Paso, Texas                                      Cabanatuan 10-31-42; Died

*Keiper, Owen H.             Cpl                     Santa Barbara, Calif.                            Platas, Bataan 7-1-42; Died; This man never did turn himself in. He studied the local customs, food, language. Took off into the hills.

Langelier, Arthur J.           Cpl                    1060 Beaver Hill Hall, Montreal, Canada    Cabanatuan; Japan 7-15-44; OK

McCorts, John J.              Cpl                    661 Ave A., Boulder City, Nevada          Formosa 9-12-42, Yokohoma 5- -45

Miller, Harry I                    Cpl                    537 1/2 S St., Palendale, Calif                Manchuria 10-6-42

Sollenberger, Donald E.     Cpl                    11400 Laurelcrest, N. Hollywood, Calif.  Cabanatuan Hosp 7- -44, Japan 8-17-44

Strobing, Irving                  Cpl                    615 Barbay St., Brooklyn, New York      Japan 11-6-42; OK

*Allred, Everett W.            PFC-4               Blanchard, Okla.                                    Japan 9-15-43; Died

Anderson, Fred A.           PFC-3                 924 1/2 Euclid, Beloit, Wisc.                  Manchuria 10-7-42

Bania, Francis M.            PFC-1                5058 Hurlbut St., Detroit, Mich.                Las Pinas (Nichols Field):OK

Barkowski, Joseph J.       PFC-4                 12 Greenwich, Natrona, Pa.                   Manchuria 10-7-42; Died

Berger, Burton E.            PFC-3                  Mulino, Ore.                                           Japan 7-15-44

Blaskewicz, John A.        PFC-4                  11 Goeringer Ave., Wilkes Barre, Pa.       Cabanatuan

Brady, Jack E.                PFC-4                  1952 1/2 Corning St., Los Angeles, Calif    Tokyo 10-6-42

Brazelton, Earl                PFC-3                   Los Angeles, Calif                                   No info

Brooks, William               PFC-5                                                                                 No info

Brown, Charles L.            PFC-3                   Palmdale, Calif                                      Cabanatuan 4-20-44, Japan 8-17-44; OK

Bryant, Earl L                  PFC-3                   1218 Linden Place, Long Beach, Calif.   Japan 7-23-43

Cecil, George A.              PFC-3                   53-25 80th St., Elmhurst, New York        No info

Chmielewski, Edward       PFC-1                                                                                No info

Comstock, Wayne V.       PFC-4                   1822 Holly, Kansas City, Mo.                 Manchuria 10-5-42

Dardavis, Spero                PFC-4                    306 Jackson St., Syracuse, N.Y.            Lipa

Dugan, James C.              PFC-4                    1413 or 1418 Midland Ave, Syracuse, N.Y.  Bilibid Work Detail 7-28-44

*Dunn, William J.             PFC-4                    1225 N. Marypasa, Hollywood, Calif.       Cabanatuan 9-8-42; Died

Floyd, Lee G.                   PFC-3                    681 S. Bonnie Brae, Los Angeles, Calif.   Cabanatuan 7- -44, Japan 8-17-44

*Ford                               PFC-4                    Killed on Corregidor May 4/5, 1942 during invasion

*Gaby, Marion                 PFC-1        He was Company photographer. Killed by Jap. tank machine guns at Anatmon, Batangas

*Garrett, Wayne               PFC-5                    Sevard, Calif.                                      O'Donnell 5-29-42; Died

Gartner, Morris A.            PFC-2                    Fresno or Stockton Calif.                      Davao 10-27-42, Bilibid 7- -44

Gerhardt, Albert Van        PFC-4                    80 S. Poplar St., Hazelton, Pa.              Last seen at Cabantuan in 1944

Gimse, Edward C.           PFC-4                    2330 3 Ave. W., Hibbing, Minn.             Clark field Work Detail; Japan 7-15-44

Gourget, Stanley F.         PFC-4                    536 Bond, Fresno, Calif.                    Escaped and recaptured at Legaspi 11- -43

Hutchinson, Fred W.        PFC-3                  1427 S. Santee, Los Angeles, Calif.       Palawan

Ivins, Franklin R.              PFC-3                  116 Pickney Rd., Red Bank, N.J.           Cabanatuan; Japan 6-17-44; Died

*Johnson, George C.       PFC-5                   10 Park Ave., Dunington, N.Y.               O'Donnell 5-22-42; Died

Koscelski, Lucian P.        PFC-3                   12 Forest St., Springville, N.Y.               Manchuria 10-5-42

Kuslak, John                   PFC-4                   3501 Zeta St., Hollidays Cove, W. Va.    Japan 8-17-44

Lamb, Lawrence L.                                       Box 101, Midvale, Utah                         Davao 10-27-42, Japan 6- -44

*Mansfield, Quenton          PFC-4                 40 Robbins, Lowell, Mass.                     Cabanatuan 6-10-42; Died

Marangiello, Anthony D.   PFC-4                   15 First St., Glenclove, Long Island      Bilibid 3-10-44, Cabanatuan 7- -44,
                                                                                                                               Japan 8-17-44

McDermott, Norman J.     PFC-4                    11962 1/2 Texas Ave., W. Los Angeles, Calif.  Japan 7-23-43; OK

Nietling, Aloyusius F.       PFC-3                    Route 1, Box 4, Sublimity, Ore.          Manchuria 10-3-42; OK

*Nole, Donald                 PFC-4                     Buffalo, N.Y.                                     O'Donnell 5-17-42; OK

O'Shea, Thomas C.          PFC-3                    2565 East 24th St., Sheepshead Bay, Brklyn, N.Y.    OK

Ostrander, William            PFC-3                    343 9th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.               Japan 7-15-44; OK

Rearick, Clyde                  PFC-2                                                                           Cebu; OK

Redd, Gene A.                  PFC-4                     RFD 2, Anacortes, Wash.              Japan 6-28-44; OK

*Reynolds, Arlo N.              PFC-3                  Salt Lake City, Utah                        Died

Ringo, Boyd C.                  PFC-3                   Route 1, Box 210, Mulino, Oregon    Japan 11-6-42

Rosenweig, Robert            PFC-3                    68-25 Clyde St., Forest Hills, Long Island    Cabanatuan 8-17-44

*Shermon, Avon                 PFC-3                                                                         Front line; Died 

*Smith, Raymond C.          PFC-3                  715 W. Victoria, Santa Barbara, Calif.    Cabanatuan 7-17-42; Died

Steckel, Mathew Jr.          PFC-3                  844 Clinton Ave., W. Rochester, N.Y.     Manchuria 10-6-42; OK

*Thomas, Lawrence A.       PFC-4                 Quick, W. Va.                                    Cabanatuan 6-28-42; Died

Tomes, Jesse F.              PFC-4                    Liberty, KY                                         Japan 7-23-42

Story, Willard C.               PVT                       Whitnell, N.C.                                    Manchuria 10-7-42

*Tremblay, Armond J.        PFC-4                                                                           Died at Tuao, Cagayan 4-1-42

Valacic, Bernard J.          PFC-3 or 4               703 14th St., New Brighton, Pa.         Davao 10-27-42, Cabanatuan 7- -44,  
                                                                                                                            Japan 8-17-44; OK

Warren Joseph P.           PFC-4                      2928 S. Oakhurst, Los Angeles, Calif.  Japan 6-28-44; OK

Weaver, Robert C.          SGT or PFC-4           710 W. 7th St., Oswego, N.Y.            Davao 10-27-42, Lysang 3- -44

Wheeler, William S.        PFC-3                      328 Commonwealth, Boston, Mass.     Cabanatuan 7- -44, Japan 8-17-44

*Williams, Alfred G.          PFC-3                    Washington, D.C.                              Bilibid 7-18-42; Died

*Whitman, Joseph J.        PFC-1                     192 E. Locust St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. Cabanatuan 6-20-c/o N. McGinnis                                                                                                       42; Died

*Zimmerman, Abraham     PFC-5                                                                              Port Area; Died

*Hutchens, Melvin G.          ?                            1534 11st., Baker, Ore.                    O'Donnell 5-22-42; Died

Murrell, William M.            ?                              906 Harrison St., Lynchburg, Va.       Cabanatuan

*Donald, Robert L.              ?                            3334 Selwyn, Charlotte, N.C.            Cabanatuan 6-25-42, Lysang 3- -44

Blackmon, Hugh R.          PVT                          3110 12th Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn.    Davao 10-27-42, Lysang 3- -44

Blank, Samuel                PVT                            RR 1, Box 490, Monticello, N.Y.        (From what I understand he is a member
                                                                                                                                of the organization)

*Bray, Robert                   PVT                          142 Maujers, Brooklyn, N.Y.             O'Donnell 5- -42; Died, unknown grave

Finkelstien, Leonard        PVT                                                                                  Clark field; OK

Falagon                                                                                                                    escaped Clark field 1- -44

Fuller, Earl L.                  PVT                            Springville, New York                         Japan 11-6-42; OK

*Gaydos, Charles           PVT                                                                                    Port Area; Died

Green, Donald                PFC-5 ?                        2882 Pine Ave., Long Beach, Calif.    Yokohama 5- -45

Harris, Malvern P.           PFC-5 ?                        Norwood, N.C.                                  Cabanatuan

Larrick                           PVT                       

Mark, Marvin A.              PVT                              644 S. 10th St., San Jose, Calif.        Nichols field; Japan 7-15-44

Petak, Joseph A.            PVT                              Box 205, Midland Park, New York      Manchuria 10-6-42

Poreet, Charles W.         PVT                              Helmette, New Jersey                      Japan 3- -44, Ashio Camp 8

Redshaw, Ward S.          PVT                              Union Hotel, Cumberland, B.C., Canada  Japan 7-23-43

Ward, Donald C.             PVT                               Plainfield, Conn.                              Japan 9- -42

White, Gavin                  PFC-5                            Mississippi                                      Japan 2-27-44

Winters, Daniel W.        PFC-5                             Deer Lane, Rochester, Pa.               Japan 11-6-42

Lawton, Robert L.            PVT                              Star Route, Tahlequah, Okla.         Japan

*Edwards                                                                                                                   Died

Cecka, Robert G.            PFC-3                            3048 E. 93rd, Chicago, Ills.           Cabanatuan; OK

Johnson, L.                    PFC-4                                                                                  Cabanatuan

Jones, Robert C.            PFC-4       

Helms, Walter                PFC-1                             Box 847, Maricopa, Calif.              Manchuria 10- -42, Believed to be dead,
                                                                                                                                no positive.

Seale, Bud                        ?                                  519 Filmore, Taft, Calif.                 Manchuria 10- 42

Parrott, Cecil W.             PFC-3                             555 Court St., Weiser, Idaho         Japan 1944

Bradbury, Jay (A) (H)       PFC-1                            1430 Arcadia, Chico, Calif.            Japan 1943

Gill, Paul A.                    PFC-1                            Box 884, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.

Maslak, Michael              PFC-1                            40 Eagle Ave., Johnson City, N.Y.

Sammons, David H.         SGT                                157 W. Broadway, Salem, N.J.

*known dead

Some of the above names and address are men that are members of the 54th Signal Maintenance Co. That outfit was created about the time the war started and I never did get definite information about it.

Following are the names of several other prisoners that I have in my book.

Chase, Harry, Coast Artillery, Corregidor, 98 Shellinger St, Rochester, N.Y.
Zimmerman, George, Tank Co. This man was one of my closest friends while in prison camp. He died
        enroute to Japan when the transport was sunk. Since that time he has had an American Legion post
        named after him in Mansfield, Ohio.
Schramm, Eric, 2190 Violet Way, Campbell, Calif.
Warren, Dewight T., c/o Mrs. E.R. Rockey, Rt. 1, Box 88, San Jacinto, Calif.
Schuster, Bill, Evansville, Wisc.
Solomon, Paul, Lt. 31st Inf., Sanger, Texas.
Ingalls, Arthur, Box 261, Piru, Calif.
Pierce, Harley, 1512 No. 39th, Tacoma, Wash.
Jerman, Bertram R. Bisbee, Ariz. (last I heard he was still in the Air Force)
Elton, Gordon H., Deer River, Minn.

This document was given to the ADBC Museum from the files of the ADBC. The document as given to us is available as 228th Signal Operations Company in pdf form. This roster may not be complete. There may be other rosters available online.  The ADBC Museum strives to provide as much information as possible, but due to time limitations the rosters may not be entirely inclusive. Roger Mansell's website has a more comprehensive index.