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1941 Events

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1941 Events



December 1941

December 7 Hawaii time December 8 Japanese time

Japanese planes attack military installation in Pearl Harbor.  Ten hours later they attack Clark Field in the Philippines thus starting the Pacific War.

December 9-10
The Japanese land at several points in Northern Luzon while bombing raids continue all over the Philippines.

December 12
The Kimura Detachment, a unit of the Japanese Army consisting of 2,500 men, lands at Legaspi and Albay in South Luzon.

December 19-20

During the night the Japanese land near Davao on Mindano.  The carrier Ryujo is in support and the landing force is made up of 500 men from the 56th Infantry Regiment.

December 23
General Douglas MacArthur orders the evacuation of Manila, the removal of headquarters to the island of Corregidor and the withdrawal of troops to Bataan.

December 24
Japanese troops land at Antimonan, and Mabuan, Quezon.  President Manuel L. Quezon transfers the seat of the Commonwealth Government to Corregidor.

December 25-28
Forces in north Luzon are attacked on their second line of defense  at the Agno River. General MacArthur declares Manila an open city while fighting to the north the Americana forces have now fallen back to their third line running east and west from Paniqui.  The Japanese continue to bomb Manila.