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facebook logoADBC (American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor)  Museum
at Brooke County Public Library--f
or books at the library choose Brooke County
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dedicated to Prisoners of War Captured in the Philippines and Pacific Islands in 1941, and 1942 and those who gave their lives for their country

April 11, 2015- Memorial walk for Bataan Death march (original walk began on April 9, 1942)-ADBC Museum.  More details and schedule of events to follow.  We will have a military encampment with equipment, jeeps, trucks and other artifacts for you see.

The ADBC Museum has received an original script from the movie UNBROKEN  from Universal Studios.  Many thanks to Ronald Meyer, President of Universal Studios for his support of the Museum.  This script along with photos and the book by Laura Hillenbrand are on permanent display in the museum.

Latest Quan --Spring 2013 Newest Copy available on web

Newer copies are available by subscription--see here for details

 The ADBC Museum has recently added more photos.  We have added sets of Eugene Jacobs Art and Col. Olson Photos.  View Photos (Flickr Photostream) 


ADBC Convention in San Jose, California, May 28-31.   ADBC Memorial Society has details here

Defenders of the Philippine Islands from World War II rememberedPicture of Mr. and Mrs. Jackfert

Eddie Jackfert, Past ADBC National Commander,  is a survivor of the Philippine capture by the Japanese. He began donating his materials to the Brooke County Public Library in Wellsburg, West Virginia on September 13, 2002, initiating military related donations from other American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor(ADBC) members and their families.  The collection increased steadily since that time and the ADBC supported the museum as an official repository.

Mr. Jackfert and his wife Henrietta 

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 Other Special Collections

Abie Abraham picture Lester Tenney Ralph Levenberg Photo
Abie Abraham Lester Tenney, National Commander of ADBC 2008-2009 Major Ralph Levenberg, PNC
Mr. Joseph Vater Richard Winter picture Picture of Frank Shannon
Joseph Vater, PNC Richard Winter Frank Shannon
Mr Francies Colonel Olson picture
Anton Bilek Dick Francies Col. John E. Olson

Abie Abraham (Sergeant Master); Joseph L. Alexander; Ed Jackfert(PNC) Joseph Vater (PNC); Dr, Lester Tenney (PNC);Major Ralph Levenberg (PNC), Max Kissel;Frank Shannon; Colonel John Olsen (Philippine Scouts); Richard Winter; Richard Francies; Anton Bilek

The American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Museum has the largest collection of documents, photos, and maps relating to the  early defense (1941-42)  of Bataan and Corregidor  and subsequent capture in the WWII Pacific Theater and is the only repository devoted mainly to the ADBC  membership. 

 "Our nation seems to have forgotten to recognize those distinguished heroes who fought so gallantly defending the Philippine islands at the outbreak of World War II. Their story must be told because of their courage and heroism. Their victory was measured in their survival, and in maintaining their faith and loyalty to our nation, when the reward for maintaining loyalty was continued starvation and death. Their strong heart, great spirit, and unyielding faith served as an inspiration to the rest of our nation. They placed their honor before everything else, even before a whole self. They absorbed with their bodies the blows that were intended for our nation and its people, and they sacrificed their own freedom for the freedom of the world. And finally, they returned from their service, regained their rightful place in society and strengthened their families, their communities, and our nation through their example of courage. Our nation owes them a debt that can never be repaid--they must not, and should not be forgotten."--Eddie Jackfert

The early defense of the Philippines, including the Bataan Death March, and transfer of prisoners on "Hellships" to prison camps in Asia, are chapters that have been neglected in our history books and school curriculums.

The ADBC collections are growing on a weekly basis.

Dissertation of America's forgotten heroes and Information on Senate Bill S3107

U.S. Legislation Link to Congressional Bills (Thomas Library of Congress) 

Funding for help in providing the obituary list of POWs has been provided by Chesapeake Energy.